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Practical Communicative Business English

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Sep 16—17
2 days
SGD 738 ≈USD 544
SGD 369 per day
Nov 14—15
2 days
SGD 738 ≈USD 544
SGD 369 per day



The best ideas are of no use if they cannot be communicated effectively. That is why good business English is critical at the workplace. But if you are expecting the boring, traditional method of learning grammar, you are in for a surprise.

Benefits to You

• By attending this programme, participants become more confident in crafting their email and in their speaking. • They understand their personality and learn to adapt their communication style to others. • They have a better understanding in their grammar, thus, conveying clearer ideas at their workplaces.

• Understand and use basic grammar effectively • Engaging activities during which you will learn how to communicate and write with good business English • Understand how personality affects communication style • Discover the added advantage you can have at your workplace through the way you write, speak and understand people

Programme Outline

• Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses in spoken and written business English

• Understanding the importance of good business English o Avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication o Speak and write in understandable English without translating ideas

• A Refresher’s Course on Basic English Grammar o Use of Articles, Adjectives, Nouns, and Modals o Use of Tenses o Use of Indirect Questions and Question Tags

• Understanding your and other people’s communication styles

• Analysing and correcting errors in spoken and written English through real examples

• Applying good business English in speaking, and writing email with various scenarios

Who should attend

(Level 1) Admin & Support

(Level 2) Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers

(Level 3) New Managers

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