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Nov 4—8, 2019
5 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 9200 ≈USD 10241
EUR 1840 per day


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About the course

Your future is in the hands of your customers

Customer engagement implies attitudes and procedures that go much deeper than are normally understood. What do customers think they want? What do they really want? And then, what is it that customers don’t even know they want? You have to go beyond demographic descriptions to understand the psychology that motivates the behaviour of your customers, their rational statements and their emotional aspirations.

You can achieve superior performance through customer-based productive, sustained growth. But first you need to rethink your whole approach. Powering Growth will break through the platitudes many organisations allow themselves to believe about their customer focus. Over five days, the programme will instil in you a whole new way of thinking that will allow you to create your own roadmap for growth.

The way the world is now, you grow… or start to wither and die. It is easy to say, but do you really know what it takes to grow your business? Growth does not mean just getting a short-term advantage over competitors, but taking your business to new peaks of performance and profitability. And then sustaining it.


  • A new way forward. Discover and adopt a completely new way forward to achieve growth.
  • Learn how to use new tools. Obtain new tools and practise using them so that these principles become second nature.
  • Lead fresh ideas. Develop and lead momentum for your organisation on your return to work.


In seeking sustainable and profitable growth, managers have a tendency first to look at internal issues and then at the competition. This programme is designed to turn this idea on its head by concentrating maximum effort on the customer. Lessons may well be learned from competitors’ experiences. The organisation may well require some restructuring. However, the driving force for growth must be a profound knowledge of your customers. Specific research projects, multiple client assignments and feedback from thousands of business managers have led to a practical programme that enables you to bring sustained growth to your own business environment.

Through Powering Growth, you will gain a whole new way of thinking that will allow you to create your own road map for growth.


The capacity to gain a deep and accurate yet intuitive understanding of your external and internal customers is the fundamental driver of customer-based growth. The programme will provide you with the skills to enable you to lead the customer discovery process.


What you offer the customer may not be obvious. There are different ways of judging value. You must go beyond the product or service. Some customers may require a deep involvement with your brand. Others may wish for a simple, efficient fulfilment of their needs. Emotions are key drivers and sometimes can sell by themselves. Discover the concepts of customer value, equity and engagement.


The deeper the understanding of customers that you develop, the more likely you will be to anticipate their needs, arrive at new products or services and even reduce your traditional marketing expenditure. Customer advocates will make a considerable contribution to your success and are often the most persuasive salespeople.

Who should attend

The programme is designed for proactive managers concerned with any aspect of the business related to strategies for top performance or profitable growth, including those working with internal customers.

It is suitable for highly experienced executives with responsibilities in general management, strategic planning, marketing and sales, product development and R&D, human resources or public relations, among other areas.

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Jean Claude Larreche

Jean-Claude Larreche is Emeritus Professor of Marketing and the Alfred H. Heineken Chaired Professor of Marketing, Emeritus at INSEAD. He directs the Powering Growth Programme. His book The Momentum Effect: How to Ignite Exceptional Growth, published by Pearson, was named the 4th Best Book of the...


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