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Australia and New Zealand School of Government

Power, Authority and Collaborative Leadership

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Jul 13
Melbourne, Australia
AUD 950 ≈USD 666
AUD 950 per day


Stronger collaborative leadership is fundamental to achieving progress and innovation on cross-sector issues. Collaboration seems so simple, yet is too often elusive. Disinterest, competing agendas and turf wars disrupt the opportunity to collaboratively create complex responses for complex problems.

This one day highly interactive workshop will use your own experiences of collaboration to create a shared perspective on its challenges and opportunities. It will explore the dynamics of how leaders use their power and authority to understand why some groups achieve remarkable progress when they work together, and others don’t. It will give you the opportunity to prime yourself to be a more effective collaborator and to make a more focused contribution to cross-sector priorities.

Excellent session - very engaging process and practical application opportunities

What will you learn?

  • Critical success factors for public sector collaboration.
  • A fresh perspective of the dynamics of power, and how to use it to create shared outcomes.
  • Tactics for increasing your personal authority in complex group dynamics.
  • Priming for success in your next collaborative interaction.
  • An action plan for increasing your collaborative power.

Practical delivery of information with a bonus of being able to collaborate with peers across the sector. Good to have the time to reflect on the way you lead.

Who should attend

Executives, managers and staff - The masterclass is designed for middle to senior public sector leaders who seek to better leverage collaboration with peers within their agency and across the sector.

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