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Positive Leadership in a Negative World

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About the course

Programme Overview

Leadership is tough,true!But have you wondered if being a 'hard' leader makes it any easier for the leader to lead, or the follower to follow? It doesn't! Research suggests that leaders that rely on uncomplemenetary methods to get things done not only harm their team members, but harm themselves. In fact, such leaders tend to replicate themselves in organisations such that the environment of work becomes toxic for everyone as the tradition is carried on down the 'chain of command'

In this programme, we show you a better way. We begin by discussing the research around different leadership orientations: we go on to present an alternative view of leadership that is mutually beneficial for the leader, the led and the organisation;in the third module, we explore the different dimensions of positive leadership and how to leverage them to make your team more engaged and therefore more productive: and finally,we explore some practical techniques that you can use on your journey to a more positive organisation, which will also help to reinforce the discussions in the previous modules

Key Learning Outcomes:

This online course will provide you with the knowledge you require to help you develop your leadership skills in a volatile and difficult business environment. At the end of the course, you will be able to:

Discuss different leadership orientations * Conduct self-assessment to determine your leadership orientation * Analyse ways of developing positive leadership skills to improve effectiveness * Design strategies to engage your teams for enhanced productivity * Create a conducive engagement strategy to keep teams on task

Who should attend

This course is designed for professionals in the management cadre with supervisory responsibilities. It is appropriate for supervisiors and new managers in any of the business sectors. The course is also suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to improve the performance of their organisationsal team.

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