Pensions, Governance & Regulations

Oxford Management Centre

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Oxford Management Centre


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Who should attend

This Oxford course on Pensions Governance and Regulation is designed for a wide range of course participants who can be directors, senior managers, pension scheme providers, business owners with corporate pension schemes, managers, actuaries, investment managers HR professionals, employee benefit consultant, risk consultants, project leaders, programme directors ,remuneration consultants, pension tech providers, BPO pension scheme administrators, lawyers involved in pensions wanting to understand the “bigger picture”, public sector pension scheme legislators / junior officials at local and national level plus anyone else new to this area /wishing to gain greater understanding in this field.

About the course

This Oxford course on Pensions Regulation and Governance is designed to familiarise course participants with the origins of pensions, underlying philosophies vis a vis state and private sector provision and the current direction of travel between jurisdictions in Europe, the UK and the United States. This is done with an examination of the concepts of inter-generational fairness, longevity, lifestyles, current rates of medical advance, morbidity, investment performance, AI, Pension Tech, Robot Process Automation stock-market performance, risks within the various stakeholder groups and society as a whole.

Course participants from the public sector responsible for formulating public policy on pensions will gain greater understanding at a strategic and tactical level of the issues involved and will be better able to create policies which are appropriate to their specific geographies given policy priorities and affordability. Those engaged in formulating employee benefit packages and succession planning in the private sector will understand where risks and pensions fit into the overall equation . Marketers ,New Product Development Specialists, Sales Directors of life and pensions companies ,large brokers ,life and pensions salespersons and wealth managers dealing with clients both onshore and offshore will be able to better shape and position their offerings to achieve optimum penetration and funds under management .Risk managers ,actuaries and those involved in investment strategies for pension funds will gain wider perspective to inform their deliberations/actions in relation to more informed product design and the makeup of investments. Every course participant will learn strategic thinking within a multi-faceted and complex environment from the approaches of other countries and see how pensions can sensibly compete with alternative investment products.

Seminar Objective

This Oxford course on Pensions Governance and Regulation will help course participants achieve the following goals:

  • A holistic and geographically broad view of pensions provision and governance
  • Understanding of the policy considerations between state and public sector pensions
  • Appreciation of risk and risk considerations between competing stakeholders
  • Improved strategic perspective transferable to other areas of competence / discipline
  • Understanding the alternatives to pensions and the changing mind sets of pension clients
  • Improved marketing, sales and management of pensions and better pension design

Seminar Outline

This Oxford seminar on Pensions Governance and Regulation is structured over 5 days to provide an immersive and content rich overview dealing with:

  • Pensions, their Purpose, Design, Objectives, Limitations and their Distribution Channels
  • How to Balance of Private / Public Provision is arrived at the Taxation of Pensions
  • Investment Strategies of Pensions, Risk Balance betwenn Stakeholders / Direction of Travel
  • Demographics, Mortality, Morbidity, Medical Advance, Attitudes to Pensions
  • The Future of Pensions in different countries versus Alternative Investments
  • How to Design and Market more Attractive Pensions and Compete more Effectively
  • Pension Tech R.P.A., Cyber Security / Other Developments affecting Pensions Governance
  • Trends and Futureproofing / Pensions Planning / Employee Benefits / Al
  • Policy Formulation for Public Pensions Provision / Inter-Generational Fairness
  • Attitudes to Savings, Pensions and Alternative Investments across Age / Gender / Social Class

Pensions, Governance & Regulations at Oxford Management Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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