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About the course

​Exploring strategy in a complex and connected world

Use design thinking and methodology to explore how to implement networked strategy. This Lab is designed as a blended learning workshop for teams of five, from non-competing companies, to use design thinking and methodology to explore how to implement networked strategy.

You will use systems thinking and collaborative strategy to better understand and meet opportunities and threats in the new networked world. You will work in company teams to develop and share thinking on your business transformation initiative.

The Lab will be facilitated by our world-class faculty – from within both strategy and inspiring re-framing fields such as biology, anthropology and design – alongside guest speakers from prominent organisations which have deployed systems thinking and collaborative strategy approaches to reshape their fields.

The Lab is strictly confidential and firms will be selected to ensure no competitors are present.

The Lab: Testing

The Lab is particularly useful for organisations testing the future.

Some might have launched strategic initiatives which they wish to work on in the Lab, or are planning to launch such initiatives and want to use the Lab as a test bed. Others might want to stress-test their existing strategy or business design, by learning how to map systems, explore changing futures and their system implications, and redesign strategies for a network world, where disruptions and blurring industry fields are commonplace.

Benefits to your organisation

Consider future transformation of your field using key tools, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition

Assess your strategic challenges and map to your strategy system

Learn how to map systems, explore changing futures and their system implications

Redesign strategies when facing disruptions or greater uncertainty

Who should attend

Only for small teams (up to five) of senior professionals who work with strategy in large organisations. Heads or senior professionals of functions such as:

  • corporate or business unit strategy
  • portfolio assessment and development
  • business development (but not sales)
  • strategic transformation
  • strategy and innovation
  • CEOs in medium-sized companies

Trust the experts

Rafael Ramirez

Rafael Ramirez is Director of the Oxford Scenarios Programme and the University of Oxford’s first Professor of Practice at the Saїd Business School and Green Templeton College, Oxford University. He is one of the world’s leading experts on scenario planning, having developed the Oxford Scenarios ...


Ulf Mannervik

Ulf has worked in research and teaching at Oxford for more than a decade. He is a strategy and strategic foresight practitioner. Ulf has deployed design thinking in strategy over the past 25 years, advising on strategy and strategic innovation for global firms, public sector organisations and go...


Trudi Lang

Trudi is a global strategist working with leaders to support them with their strategic objectives. Her vision is to improve the state of the world through global conversations. She does this through her teaching, research and consulting, providing leaders with the frameworks and space to discove...


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