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Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme

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May 15—Jul 31
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Global business value derived from artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to total $3.8 trillion in 2022.

AI promises to have a major impact across the economy, but in order to truly understand the potential it holds you first need to understand how the technology works. The Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme therefore aims to provide you with a sound understanding of the technology: its history, functionality, and capability, as well as the challenges that are inherent in its methods.

The programme also offers you the chance to develop an informed opinion about AI's application as you reflect on its implications and limitations and build a business case for its implementation.

What will set you apart

Earn a certificate of attendance from Oxford Saïd in this online programme and be empowered to:

  • Identify which areas in your sector have the greatest potential to be impacted by AI applications
  • Understand the mechanics behind AI, its potential, and its challenges
  • Develop a business case for the application of AI in your organisation
  • Assess the implications of AI implementation in your business and society as a whole

Course curriculum

Hear from industry leaders and global AI technology experts as you follow your learning path through the weekly modules of this online programme:

  • Orientation Module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1: Artificial intelligence: what is all the hype about?
  • Module 2: AI's engine room: how do machines learn from data?
  • Module 3: Current frontiers: deep learning and the latest trends in AI
  • Module 4: Working with intelligent machines
  • Module 5: Setting the boundaries of AI
  • Module 6: Making a business case for AI

This Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme is delivered in collaboration with GetSmarter and is led by a powerful team of global experts who share their knowledge in the form of case studies, research, and discussions. You’ll receive insights from both Guest Experts and the Programme Convenor, who guides the design of the programme content and shares his knowledge throughout.


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Detailed Description
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