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Our Iceberg is Melting™

Available dates

Aug 3—4, 2020
2 days


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About the course


“The only thing that is constant is Change” ― Heraclitus.

This quotation was true of Ancient Greece and is still true for organisations today. However, reactions to organisational change are largely similar – resistance, inefficiencies and even chaos. Thirty years of research by leadership guru, Dr John Kotter, has shown that 70% of major change efforts fail because organisations often do not take the holistic approach required to see change through. Dr Kotter has created an 8-step process to help organisations avoid failure and become adept at change.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes

By improving their ability to change, organisations will have greater efficiency, be more adaptable and increase their chances of success with change efforts. This means savings in both human and capital costs while at the same time creating well equipped leaders at all levels who take action when something needs to be done.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a compelling vision of the future and help people to focus on the benefits of change
  • Create and instill change readiness and agility in your organisation
  • Create ‘Leaders at all Levels’; form Leadership Teams capable of guiding change effectively and identify team member traits needed
  • Learn to get things done through others at all levels, seize opportunities and take initiative
  • Develop communication plans and key messages that generate buy-in
  • Develop strategies for instilling a new culture based on new ways of doing things

Programme Outline

  • Our Iceberg is Melting™ - The subtle intricacies
  • How to raise the level of importance for the needed change to get enough attention
  • Create Vision elements of what would happen if change is achieved
  • Identifying those whose skills, attitudes, reputation and support you need for buy-in
  • Identify forces that will increase or decrease the likelihood of achieving change
  • Discover additional changes needed as a result of making the first change
  • Identify and eliminate negative behaviour across the organisation
  • Assess your current state and the gaps requiring attention to make change a reality
  • Create a Team or Individual Action Plan to stay focused on achieving change

Who should attend

  • (Level 2) Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers
  • (Level 3) New Managers
  • (Level 4) Managers

Trust the experts

Roshini Ganesan

Roshini Ganesan is a trainer and facilitator with 17 years of experience. She trains people in business presentations, communication, customer service, NLP, EQ, positivity and leading change. She has trained in over 12 countries (including the US, Australia, China, India, Japan, Mozambique and mo...


Meenakshi Sarup

Meenakshi Sarup is an experienced trainer and facilitator in business presentations and communication, NLP, EQ, positivity and leading change. She has trained in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam in various industries. Prior to training, she has 12 years of ...


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