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About the course

Get a wealth of experience in the legal & commercial issues in oil & gas

The complexity of the oil and gas industries frequently results in projects being undertaken by joint ventures, alliances and other strategic groupings. Forming a successful alliance, whatever its format, is a complex process requiring a high degree of experience and expertise.

At this school Dr Ken Mildwaters, an acknowledged international expert with a wealth of experience in helping clients to formulate successful and effective business partnerships, will discuss with participants why parties come together in a cooperative endeavour to undertake a phase of a project, the legal forms they might use in so doing, the relationships created by the forms and the principle legal and commercial issues that affect those relationships.

The school will prove invaluable to CEOs, COOs and CFOs engaged in major new, ongoing and potential ventures in the oil and gas sector, and also to their internal and external legal advisers.

How this course will help you

The course will cover:

  • The contract matrix in the oil & gas industry
  • Key agreements and examples of those agreements
  • The relationship matrix from a contractual and a corporate perspective
  • The legal principles that shadow relationships
  • Specific issues affecting relationships


Day 1

Fundamentals of International Petroleum Contracts

  • Hydrocarbon Business Chain
  • Key Players
  • Business Model
  • Industry Risk & Uncertainty
  • Contract Performance & Risk Management
  • Governing Law & Contract Stability

Exercise: Tendering Strategy for Exploration Area

Fiscal Systems

  • Resource Agreements
  • Comparison of Fiscal Systems
  • Evaluation of Fiscal Systems
  • Economic Analysis
  • Economics & Finance
  • Special Terms for Natural Gas

Exercise: Tax and Fiscal Incentives

Up Stream Contracts

  • Stages, Contracts & Operations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Management of Operations
  • Work Programmes
  • Service & Supply Contracts
  • Local Content
  • Farmouts and Related Transactions
  • Enhanced Oil Production
  • Unitization

Exercise: Default on Cash Call

Day 2

Midstream Contracts

  • Stages, Contracts & Operations
  • Production Sales
  • Transportation
  • Crude Oil Sale
  • Lifting Agreements
  • Natural Gas Development
  • Gas Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • Project Optimization
  • Transportation Options
  • Gas Transportation Agreement
  • LNG Shipping Agreements
  • Multi-User LNG Terminals
  • Floating Storage & Regasification Units   Day 3

Downstream Contracts

  • Stages, Contracts & Operations
  • Wholesale Contracts
  • Retail Distribution Contracts
  • Commodity Trading Contracts
  • Natural Gas Distribution & Utilization


Acquisitions & Divestitures

  • Stages & Structures
  • Acquisition Process
  • Consents & Approvals

Exercise: Due Diligence in Share Transfer

Accounting & Auditing

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • PSC Audit Procedure

Exercise: PSC Cost Recovery Audit

Day 4

Governance & Regulation

  • Petroleum Law
  • Legal Hierarchy
  • Legal Function in Contracts
  • Ethics
  • Good Faith

Exercise: Audit Procedures

Negotiation Process

  • Negotiation Stages
  • Contract Architecture
  • Express and Implied Obligations
  • Balancing Contracts
  • Documentation
  • Document Management
  • Closings

Exercise: Contracts and Agreements; Conditions and Covenants

Dispute Resolution

  • Sources of Disputes
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Post-Award Considerations
  • Sovereign Immunity

Exercise: Use of Expert Reports


Dennis Stickley

Dennis is an international legal expert in petroleum law who is based in United Kingdom. He is a qualified lawyer in the United States as well as UK and New Zealand and has been listed in the Guide to the World’s Leading Energy and Natural Resources Lawyers. He has received the degrees of Juris D...

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Oil & Gas Agreements at Euromoney Learning Solutions

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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