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About the course

Technology such as data analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices are radically transforming businesses and government. It is changing business-customer, business-business, government-citizen and people-people interactions. It is also changing business models, business processes, customer behaviours and government policies. However, although technology presents new opportunities, it also creates new challenges including that of cybersecurity resiliency.

In today’s digital environments and smart cities, technological changes are digitally disrupting how business is conducted. They open the door to a flood of data such as traffic flow, energy use, water consumption, spending habits, search patterns, browsing history, etc. These pose security issues, raise privacy concerns and threaten the safety of our critical information and infrastructure operational capability.

This course seeks to answer these challenges by providing a firm understanding and practice of enterprise digital governance mechanisms. The essence of enterprise digital governance enables the creation of a flexible system for maintaining accountability, roles and decision-making in the face of technological changes and to create value from the effective and sustainable use of assets.

This course is part of the IT Planning, Governance & Enterprise Architecture Series offered by NUS-ISS.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how enterprise digital governance can ensure the alignment of ICT in pursuing a new digital business model
  • Establish linkage between enterprise digital and corporate governance to ensure effective risk and performance management
  • Assess the organisation’s enterprise digital governance practices and its maturity level to create value from effective use of digital technology
  • Design, implement and lead an enterprise digital governance practice

What Will Be Covered

  • What is enterprise digital governance
  • How to ensure good governance
  • Portfolio management
  • Performance management
  • Risk management
  • Implementing governance


Lectures, workshops and discussions

Who should attend

This is an intermediate course, suitable for professionals with several years of experience, with an interest or requirement to understand digital marketing and social engagement.

It is applicable for professionals engaged in the following areas.

  • Future Chief Information Officer
  • Future Chief Technology Officer
  • Enterprise Risk Management Executives
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Portfolio Director
  • IT Manager
  • Managers who provide ICT advisory services
  • Professionals who wish to be recognised for their ICT leadership experience

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Nicholas Tan

Nicholas Tan is Principal Lecturer and Consultant at the Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore. He has been designing and delivering enterprise technology solutions and services since 2000 in regional and global organisations in the hospitality, logistics, consumer packag...


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