NICF- DevOps Foundation With BizOps

NUS Institute of Systems Science

How long?

  • 3 days
  • in person

What are the topics?

NUS Institute of Systems Science


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Who should attend

This is a foundational course, suitable for digital/IT professionals with an interest or requirement to understand DevOps and BizOps so as to achieve agile/lean end-to-end process for provision of IT services.

It is applicable for professionals engaged in the following areas:

All Digital/IT Staff – both developers and non-developers.

For non-developers, the course will help them to develop the necessary skills to enable agility in their work processes to meet the needs of business in the modern fast-paced digital world. Non-developers can include project managers, product managers, IT managers, infrastructure teams, release and deployment teams, support teams, change managers.

For developers, the course will supplement the technical training they may have had in continuous integration with other important non-technical aspects (e.g. process, culture and people) that are also important for effective DevOps for developers.

Pre-requisites Digital/IT professionals with at least 2 years of experience

About the course

Whether you are in IT or Project management, application development or IT infra/operations, the growing business demand for ever faster time-to-market means that you now need to know DevOps and BizOps, in addition to Agile.

While Agile caters only to development work, DevOps and BizOps will cater to the whole end-to-end IT work process.

DevOps (an international best practice) caters to an agile/lean, automated end-to-end process for application development/enhancement work - starting from development work and extending to the downstream IT infra/operations work (e.g. infra setup, deployment and operations/monitoring).

BizOps caters to an agile/lean process for business needs that are directly catered for by IT infra/ops and IT/project managers without involvement of software developers. These can be new services (e.g. implementation of new infra such as IoT sensor network), upgrade of existing services (e.g. upgrade of wifi network) and work relating to existing services (e.g. service requests, incident management etc.)

While most DevOps courses touch indirectly on BizOps, this course will explicitly cover BizOps in addition to DevOps so as to provide a coverage of lean/agile across all IT services and the roles that all the different IT management/specialists play in it as well as tools that are important to such agility.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe DevOps and BizOps objectives and the benefits of DevOps and BizOps to the business and IT in increasing responsiveness of IT releases
  • Apply appropriate DevOps / BizOps principles and practices
  • Plan and implement integration of DevOps and BizOps to Agile, Lean and ITSM
  • Improve DevOps and BizOps process workflows, communication and feedback loops
  • Select appropriate automation practices for different scenarios
  • Develop high-level plan to scale DevOps and BizOps for the enterprise
  • Establish critical success factors and key performance indicators

What Will Be Covered

This course will cover:

  • Why DevOps and BizOps
  • How does DevOps and BizOps increase IT Performance
  • Common DevOps and BizOps Automation Solutions
  • Recommended Measurements for DevOps and BizOps Success
  • Core DevOps and BizOps Principles
  • Integrating DevOps and BizOps with Other Frameworks (Agile, Lean, ITIL)
  • Building a DevOps and BizOps Culture
  • Building a DevOps and BizOps Organisation
  • Workshop - Implementing DevOps


Jamie Donoghue

Jamie, a dual citizen of the UK and NZ, has spent over 20 years improving the business value of IT Services for public and private organisations in the UK, Australia and South East Asia. His experience spans the full spectrum of IT functions including: IT Strategy and Governance Business Devel...

Aaron Chua

Aaron has more than 18 years of IT technical, scrum and agile experience. Prior to joining ISS, he was the Agile Coach with Singapore Pools. He coached projects using agile methodologies and help to cultivate agile cultural in the company. Before joining Singapore Pools, he was the Scrum Master w...

NICF- DevOps Foundation With BizOps at NUS Institute of Systems Science

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