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NICF- Designing Cloud-enabled Mobile Applications

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About the course

Mobile devices have become the essential delivery platform for business. Businesses recognise that mobility solutions are becoming their main channel when reaching out to their employees, customers and partners. The driving forces include improving internal communication, boosting customer retention, increasing speed of decision-making, reducing costs, improving efficiency and acquiring new customers.

Therefore, we are convinced that mobility is the way of life. The question is how to extend our enterprise services onto the mobile platform. There is already a set of existing mature and stable enterprise web applications. However, do we duplicate the services onto the mobile platform? Do we redesign part of or all of the applications? Or do we simply make our web applications adaptable to the mobile browser? There is also a need to decide which mobile platform to adopt - mobile web or native app, as well as which backend solution platform is most suitable and affordable.

This course aims to equip the participants with knowledge in designing mobile enterprise solutions, evaluating mobile development technologies and identifying security concerns pertaining to mobile enterprise solutions. With this knowledge, the participants will be able to evaluate their existing suite of traditional and web application, and redesign them for the mobile platform. They would be able to compare and contrast different mobile development technologies and select the appropriate one for their organisation, based on their needs.

The course will be conducted with a significant proportion on the hands-on workshop, which will walk participants through topics like mobile application design, development platform evaluation and security consideration. It will deepen the participants' understanding of how to apply the unique characteristics of mobile solutions in an enterprise environment.

This course is part of the Software Engineering & Design Series offered by NUS-ISS.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Transform their existing enterprise solutions and extend them onto the mobile platform with consideration of mobile user experience
  • Assess the suitability of different mobile application development platforms
  • Design mobile applications with consideration of security

What Will Be Covered

  • Characteristics of mobile- and iOT-enabled applications
  • Mobile application design with consideration of user experience and mobile user interface design
  • Mobile application development consideration
  • Mobile application security and testing consideration


Lectures and workshops

Who should attend

This course is for:

  • Business analysts, system analysts, users and product owners who are involved in defining and designing enterprise solutions with mobile and iOT capabilities
  • Project managers and project leads who need to evaluate and deliver mobile enterprise solutions
  • Application developers who need to evaluate development platforms and understand security concerns when designing mobile applications

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