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Sloan School of Management

Neuroscience for Leadership

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Oct 3—4
2 days
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
USD 4100
USD 2050 per day


This program will provide hands-on application of concepts and techniques deriving from brain research and psychology that can improve your individual leadership performance, as well as that of your team and organization.

Research in the cognitive sciences is leading us to a greater understanding of how to improve personal and leadership behaviors and performance. Those who grasp the meaning and implications of this research will be positioned to take competitive advantage. This program provides hands-on application of concepts and techniques deriving from neuroscience and psychology that can improve your individual performance, as well as that of your team and organization.

Neuroscience for Leadership focuses on:

  • Your stuck neural patterns as a leader
  • The power of neuroplasticity in unleashing your brain agility and resilience
  • Creating the conditions for success in your organization by leading teams and shifting the culture from fear to trust
  • Visioning the future using the power of storytelling

Issues we will examine include:

  • How neuroscience can be applied to leadership development
  • Understanding the scope of agility and diversity of thinking in adult brains
  • Mindsets - can you move from fixed to growth?
  • Deeply embedded leadership patterns and immunity to change
  • Basic human emotions and mindfulness
  • Cultural diversity and creativity
  • Ecosystem leadership

Participants will be offered brain-friendly catering, guided meditation, optional yoga class, and a confidential brain profiler report.

Through lectures, discussions, and hands-on practice exercises, Neuroscience for Leadership will empower you to:

  • Raise your awareness of existing leadership behavioral patterns
  • Focus attention on behaviors and actions promoting resilience
  • Harness neuroscience to embed sustainable behavior change through plasticity of brain connections and pathways through deliberate practice
  • Implement measures to hold you to account and pre-empt barriers to leading sustainable performance

Sample Schedule—Subject to Change


  • 7:00AM - 8:00AM Optional Yoga Class
  • 8:00AM - 8:30AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30AM - 9:00AM Introduction: What is Neuroscience for Leadership?
  • 9:00AM - 12:00PM Neural patterns and immunity to change; Mindsets; Neural personality
  • 12:00PM - 1:00PM Networking Lunch
  • 1:00PM - 5:00PM Neuroplasticity: Resilience When Facing Challenges
  • 5:00PM - 6:00PM Reception


  • 7:00AM - 8:00AM Optional Yoga Class
  • 8:00AM - 8:30AM Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30AM - 12:00PM The role of the environment in shaping development and new neural patterns; Creating positive organizations; Creating Growth Mindsets; Mind-Brain-Body Relationships
  • 12:00PM - 1:00PM Networking Lunch
  • 1:00PM - 4:00PM Neuroscience for the Future: Creating Agility; Thinking fast and slow--instinct, logic, and effects of stress, sleep, volition; Exercise for future planning

Who should attend

This program is intended for senior-level leaders who want to gain deeper understanding of their leadership behaviors and gain a competitive edge by understanding how the brain works. It is particularly relevant for those who lead people who are technically strong, motivated and intelligent, especially those working in large complex organizations with diverse markets, who are interested in learning more about their own mental processes, how to change, and how to set up the context to improve development.


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Detailed Description
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