Indian Institute of Management Indore

Available dates

Dec 2—4, 2019
3 days
Indore, India
INR 42000 ≈USD 586
INR 14000 per day


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About the course

Human brain has been an object of intrigue for scientists. The continuous research over the last thousand years gathered momentum in last ten decades and scientist have been able to unravel mysteries of the brain. The recent developments have led to developments in the field of consumer neuroscience. Morevoer, the findings from experiments conducted in laboratory and field are increasingly being applied to understand consumer behaviour. The findings from the laboratories have fundamentally altered our understanding of what consumers think and how they take decisions. These have had a direct impact on marketing and suggest new approaches to how marketers should be conducting research, developing marketing programmes and executing them in the market.

This programmes brings together insights from the recent advances in the working of brain using neuroscience, neuroeconomics, cognitive sciences and their applications in marketing. The program seeks to build on the emerging knowledge in these diverse fields to demonstrate the new learnings in neuromarketing and specific learnings with respect to consumer behaviour, pricing, advertising, product development, packaging and consumer decision making.


The programme would develop the participant’s comprehensive understanding of neuro-marketing. As such, the programme aims to develop

  • The participant’s basic understanding of the functioning of human brain.
  • Their understanding of how the human brain processes information and generates responses while incorporating risk, feelings and reasoning.
  • To apply this understanding into developing, communicating and delivering effective marketing offerings.
  • To identify approaches that can result in effective behaviour change.
  • To get an exposure to different neuro-marketing techniques and understand the benefits and limitations of these techniques.


The list of indicative topics that is planned to be covered during the programme is as follows

  • Structure of human brain and its functioning.
  • Understanding of important neuromarketing tools.
  • Exposure to consumer neuroscience research in various elements of marketing mix.
  • Applications of neuroscience in marketing and marketing research.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at anyone involved in the entire marketing value chain. This includes market researchers, brand managers, marketing managers, sales managers, advertising professionals and consultants.

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Sanjeev Tripathi

An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Prof. Sanjeev Tripathi is an Associate Professor at IIM Indore. Prior to working with IIM Indore, Prof. Tripathi has worked at IIM Ahmedabad and MICA. Prior to his academic life, he has also worked with Nielsen, where he consulted P&G on their innovation processes...


Shruti Tewari

Dr. Shruti Tewari holds a D. Phil degree in Psychology from University of Allahabad. Her doctoral research identified the mechanisms through which people with physical disabilities circumvent, avoid and surmount the obstacles in the course of their daily lives and achieve their life goals. She in...


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