Negotiations in a Globalized World

Indian Institute of Management Indore

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Indian Institute of Management Indore


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The three days MDP is designed for participants working in the corporate world in the middle management level and strive to constantly hone their negotiating skills. We firmly believe that negotiating skills constitute indispensable part of professional success we are reasonably confident that this MDP will be immense value add to their professional acumen. The MDP can also be of value to those who are working in the development sector having to deal with corporates and the government in the course of their professional functions.

About the course

Today’s globalized world presents multiple challenges and opportunities. Effective leaders need to learn critical skills of not only negotiating these unprecedented challenges but also encashing on available opportunities. The working environment (both social and physical) is increasingly challenging us to deal with and negotiate unprecedented challenges. This MDP is being proposed for all those professionals who are looking for a more nuanced and sophisticated approach to negotiating unique workplace challenges. ‘Negotiations’ have always played a vital role in the professional success of corporate professionals but in today’s world very often we find ourselves negotiating constantly with the internal as well as external landscapes. We deal with these situations not only in our professional but also personal lives.

The USP of this MDP lies in approaching the domain of ‘negotiations’ from the ‘levels of analysis’ perspective. To be more precise, we would be helping the participants appreciate the relevance of approaching the subject of negotiations from the individual/group/organization to national and international level. The three day programme would bring in perspectives from disciplines like psychology, politics, public policy and international business. In short, this MDP is all about different aspects of negotiations in the context of individuals dealing with internal landscapes as well as dealing with the external landscapes in the form of the eco-system in which one is situated.

The objectives of the programme are as follows 1) Introduce participants the concept of ‘negotiations’ and its correlates specifically emotion and identity b) Appreciate issues related to negotiation across various level of analysis and c) Inculcate skills to analyze negotiation in terms of the psycho-social correlates such as emotion, identity and goals not only at individual level but also how it shapes decisions of various stakeholders negotiating at the national and international level.


The MDP is going to be conducted over a period of three days. The modules to be covered during the three days are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction (2 sessions)

Claiming Value in Negotiations: This module would comprise of the various insights related to the world of business negotiations. The aim of this module is to encourage participants to develop new insights into the world of negotiations and enable them to claim value in any kind/level of negotiations they undertake.

Module 2: Psychology of everyday negotiations (3 sessions)

Psychological attributes and Role of Identity in Negotiations: This module endeavors to develop a deeper understanding of conflicts and negotiating these conflicts. The participants will be introduced with various psychological aspects of negotiation so that they can become adept in developing an understanding of the role of ‘emotions’ and ‘identity’ in achieving positive outcomes not only at workplace but also in personal life in special reference to “everyday negotiations”.

Module 3: Negotiation in the public arena (3 sessions)

Negotiating Top-down/Bottom-up: This module aims to appreciate the various factor that influence negotiations of the corporate world in the public arena including the government and the civil society. The objectives of the module are to enable the participants to develop the wherewithal to adopt informed understanding of the various inflecting factors when corporates negotiate in the public arena with government and civil society organizations. The aims of this module include a) analyze how business and government negotiates an issue of public interest b) develop perspectives on how the state is able to push through programmes in the face of strong internal and external resistance and c)discuss how civil society can influence policies that are opposed by powerful interests and

Module 4: Negotiation in the international arena (4 sessions)

Negotiating in the International Arena: This module aims to introduce participants to the complexities involved in international negotiations. We will be covering topics related to ‘multilateral negotiations and social network’, ‘tactics’ and ‘strategies’ in negotiations and the very important topic of ‘cultural determinants of negotiations behavior’ in the context of unique cultural contexts like that of China.


Venkat Raman

Dr. G Venkat Raman is currently Associate Professor in the Area of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIM Indore. He is also former Programme Chair of the five year Integrated Programme in Management since April 1st, 2017. He is one of those rare Indian academics who has pursued and completed his do...

Shruti Tewari

Dr. Shruti Tewari holds a D. Phil degree in Psychology from University of Allahabad. Her doctoral research identified the mechanisms through which people with physical disabilities circumvent, avoid and surmount the obstacles in the course of their daily lives and achieve their life goals. She in...

Negotiations in a Globalized World at Indian Institute of Management Indore

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