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Nanyang Technological University Center for Continuing Education

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Nov 1, 2019
SGD 375 ≈USD 275
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About the course

In today’s environment, business research has found that effective negotiations are crucial. Win-win negotiations are necessary to create the results to succeed in the market today. People highly skilled in negotiation skills are able to manage situations more effectively whether with internal or external clients.


  • Use interpersonal skills to improve negotiating climate
  • Plan and prepare for a negotiation
  • Analyse your – and the opponent’s – power positions
  • Recognize and avoid common negotiating traps
  • Apply pressure tactics and defend against them
  • Devise ways to avoid a deadlock
  • Understand the difference between co-operative and competitive negotiating strategies, when each should be used and their appropriate tactics
  • Read non-verbal gestures accurately and respond effectively
  • Conclude negotiated agreements that stand the test of time


  • Lecture
  • Self-assessment
  • Learning games
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Group discussions
  • Videos


Anatomy of a Negotiation

  • Planning and preparation
  • The Opening Gun
  • Aspiration level
  • Exploration
  • The close and agreement

Mastering Signs and Body Language in Negotiating

  • Read non-verbal gestures of opponent
  • Use positive or negative gestures intentionally
  • How to counter negative gestures

The Effective Negotiator

  • Avoiding deadlock
  • Establish common ground
  • Traits of a successful negotiator
  • The negotiating zone
  • How to give and receive concessions
  • Power, aspirations and skill
  • Pressure tactics and how to avoid them

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to improve their negotiation skills and communication with others.

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