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Navigating Infrastructure Policy in the New Administration

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About the course

The new Administration has made investment in infrastructure a cornerstone of its economic policy. It is the one area where there seems to be genuine bipartisan agreement on the need to repair and improve the physical assets that serve the public. While there is agreement on the need, the means for paying for the infrastructure is more challenging. Governments at the Federal, state and local levels are finding their backs up against the fiscal wall as they struggle to fund services and expand and rebuild infrastructure in a time of stagnant or declining revenue. Where will they turn? New taxes and more public debt are politically unpopular and/or economically not feasible. To deliver services, to spur economic growth and to lower expenses without resorting to austerity measures, governments are increasingly engaging the private sector through public-private partnerships (“P3s”).

Public-private partnerships allow the public sector to benefit from commercial entrepreneurship, innovation and efficiencies obtained through the integration of private sector investors and operators who deliver their own capital and expertise.

Course Goals

By the end of the class, students will be able to:

  • Understand the terminology;
  • Understand and use the concepts, methods, and applications of public-private partnerships in a variety of sectors;
  • Identify and analyze the public policy aspects of public-private partnerships;
  • Use the knowledge and skills gained in the course to pursue and implement public-private partnerships as part of a public- or private-sector organization.

Who should attend

  • Public officials from all levels of government
  • Private sector professionals interested in pursuing 3P projects

Trust the experts

John Buttarazzi

John Buttarazzi is a public policy and public-private partnership (P3) professional with more than 25 years of experience. John has managed more than $3 billion in P3 projects, including the first commercial airport public-private partnership in the United States (Stewart International Airport). ...


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