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Motivation Factor Navigator – Manage Motivation of a Diverse & Virtual Workforce

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About the course


Managing your own motivation and the motivation of a diverse workforce can be very complicated if you do not have a universal framework to support you. This programme will work on the four key universal elements that effects motivation across culture, gender, religion, education and personal abilities.

Motivation is individual and situational. Knowing how to handle the four key motivators enables you to navigate when you and your team face frustrations, stress and hard deadlines.

Benefits to You


Motivation Factor Navigator enables participants to take ownership and control of his or her motivation, and learn how to manage the motivation of a diverse and virtual workforce.

Participants will be given a “smart guide” to help them have a conversation with their employees based on the learnings.

Motivation Factor Navigator helps to identify what participants should pursue and avoid to stay highly motivated. Using the scientific assessment tool, Motivation Factor Indicator, they are able to vocalise their personal key motivators. By outlining their passions and professional purpose, they can then create their personal Hierarchy of Motivation™ at the end of this programme.


Lay a useful foundation to prepare participants before they go into performance management, talent management and coaching. • Identify what to pursue and what to avoid to stay motivated.

Use motivation as a powerful management tool across culture, gender, religion, education and personal abilities.

Learn how motivation is linked to modern brain science.

Create their own Hierarchy of Motivation™

Programme Outline

A fundamental understanding about how motivation works

Personal motivation and self-awareness

How to motivate a diverse workforce

People management

Career management

Purpose-driven management

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

Trust the experts

Helle Bundgaard

Following a successful career as a senior sales and business development executive for Fortune 500 companies, Helle decided to pursue her passion for human behaviour and motivation in 2003. Her goal was to bridge theory and practice by developing non-complex tools which, used in a simple way, co...


Karsten Bundgaard

With more than 20 years of management experience, and a deep interest in sustainable motivation and engagement, I joined Motivation Factor as a Partner in 2012, to be responsible for international business development, product development, marketing and communications and Motivation Factor's Inte...


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