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Rady School of Management

Mindful Productivity and the Power of Purpose

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Stress in the workplace costs businesses $500 billion annually in lost productivity alone and 83% of U.S. workers are stressed out at their jobs and lack a sense of purpose. The Sympathetic Nervous System triggers fight, flight and freeze when faced with stress, but there is another option. This course is a powerful & proprietary blend of proven mental edge technologies to achieve higher levels of mindful productivity. You will learn how neuroscience teaches us to utilize mindfulness to build new mental pathways, improve decision-making and enhance mental clarity. These techniques give access to the mindful purpose that is the super power of productivity.

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Jill Tupper

About the Program This is the core power connection between the mind, the body and business, resulting in higher energy, greater clarity and enhanced well-being to reach your personal & professional best.  We begin with the “Corporate Triathlete Wellness Assessment” to determine your defin...


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