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Medtech Master Class

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Jun 18—Sep 18
6 daysModules info
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 5000 ≈USD 5629
EUR 833 per day



Prepare yourself to successfully bring medical technology, such as medical devices or new health solutions featuring devices, to the market – taking the European ecosystem, and its new medical device regulations, into account.

The MedTech Masterclass offers the quality stamp and integrative view that are needed and is ideal for you if you want to understand the requirements of working in the European MedTech space.


What is the added value of following the programme 'Medtech Masterclass'?

Benefiting patients is essential, but not sufficient. In order for medical technology to find its way to the patient, many elements need to be in place. The possibilities of MedTech are booming and new players seeking to enter or understand the market are plentiful. New medical device regulations require new qualifications that are currently hard to find, and educational offers in Europe are limited.

The MedTech Masterclass offers the quality stamp and integrative view that are needed. It prepares future leaders for successfully bringing to market medical devices or new health tech solutions featuring devices – taking the European ecosystem, and its new medical device regulations, into account.

The MedTech Masterclass addresses these challenges:

  • Understanding the MedTech ecosystem, its markets and regulatory environment – and the differences internationally
  • Clinically investigating MedTech ideas more quickly, making use of co-development and collaboration
  • Making market access more predictable
  • Knowing how to evaluate where value is created and captured in novel converging MedTech business models
  • Understanding the differences and resemblances with pharmaceutical regulatory access processes
  • Detecting opportunities related to the convergence of drugs and medical devices
  • Mastering the strategic, tactical and technical aspects to meeting legal requirements in order to introduce products on the market


The programme 'MedTech Masterclass' comprises 3 modules:

Module 1: Navigating the MedTech ecosystem

We explore the most recent trends in the medical technology space and its trend towards convergence. You learn how to technologically enable the patient pathway and design it for maximum costeffectiveness. Business modelling and formulating a powerful value proposition are discussed in the highly competitive and regulated European ecosystem. Archetypical MedTech business models and roadmaps are discussed. We look into the use/non-use of public and private financing and payment models for the MedTech value proposition in the healthcare provider world.

Module 2: Leading MedTech innovation

We look deeply into designing value-based MedTech solutions in co-creation with key opinion leaders in the areas of robotic surgery, IVDs, medical devices, mhealth, and drug/device solutions. Tools and frameworks are provided to build and valorise the IP portfolio, and to seize the opportunity. We use Design Thinking as a principle to discuss development schemes and investment analysis. We discuss how venture capitalists and corporate investors look at MedTech start-ups and scale-ups and drive you towards a convincing investor or strategic partnership pitch in an entrepreneurial finance environment. Participants develop their MedTech ideas into an initial pitch to a jury composed of medical specialists and risk-based financiers.

Module 3: Strategic implementation

The focus of this last module is on mastering the MedTech supply chain and the physical and virtual delivery ecosystems of a sustainable value proposition. Clinical investigations and risk management are discussed in the MedTech regulatory environment. Participants deliver their final pitch to a MedTech-specialised jury.

Who should attend

This programme is ideal for people wanting to start a career in MedTech or shift their career into the field, and for senior profiles that need to understand the requirements of working in the MedTech space in order to integrate it into their management decision repertory.

In particular, the programme 'MedTech Masterclass' is targeted towards:

  • MedTech innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial physicians
  • MedTech start-up and scale-up CEOs
  • MedTech investors
  • Pharma executives exploring converging technologies
  • Tech transfer offices, Academia
  • CIOs, Country General Managers, BU Directors
  • Subcontractors
  • National competent authorities, notified bodies who aim to attune their policies to the market needs
  • Hospital management and board members


Walter studies idea emergence, showing how inventions come about and transform into innovative business models in life science- and technology-based ecosystems.Walter studies idea emergence or how inventions come about and transform into innovations. During the last five years he coached the emer...


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