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About the course

Learn how to manage your interactions with the media to get the best outcomes for your business.

This is a practical course on how to talk to your audiences, and how to distil your content into short, snappy and engaging pieces that the media can use quickly and easily. You’ll also learn skills and techniques to communicate with credibility, authority and, therefore, confidence.

Topics covered

  • Why do you need to interact with the media? The pros and cons
  • Your priorities – help shape today’s session
  • Strategy – how to make it easier for everyone to get the story right
  • Content − what to say, how to shape it, and how to remember it
  • Tactics – how to add audience and media appeal
  • Perspective – the new critical factor. Make it their story
  • Techniques for answering questions of all types
  • Delivery – how to add clarity, credibility and authority
  • The clinic − specific tools for specific challenges that you bring to the session


You will gain:

  • A discipline, a method and a plan to follow
  • The tools to save time, create certainty and maximise influence
  • Standby techniques − what to do when you don’t know what to do
  • The experience of testing out these new ideas in hands-on exercises
  • Tuition on how you can strengthen your delivery/presence
  • Strong reasons for feeling confident
  • Tools and techniques that you can adapt for use in all communications

Who should attend

  • Directors, C-Suite members, spokespeople, topic specialists, communications specialists
  • Advisers who brief the people above
  • Aspirants who aim to take on any of the roles above

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