Available dates

Feb 4—5, 2020
2 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 1250 ≈USD 1716
GBP 625 per day
Apr 28—29, 2020
2 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 1250 ≈USD 1716
GBP 625 per day


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About the course

Given the importance of ‘the numbers’ for all organisations, both commercial and not-for-profit, there’s never been a greater need for accountable marketing. This course will help you develop a more quantitative approach to the development, implementation and evaluation of your marketing plans and associated activities, utilising appropriate metrics to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of both your marketing strategies and tactics.

The workshop is built around practical application, using a real-life strategic marketing (metrics and analytics) case study to demonstrate best practice. The case study and related answers form a key take-away from the programme.

Learning outcomes

  • How to develop a metrics and analytics-orientated approach to planning
  • Differentiate between and utilise – ‘descriptive’, ‘predictive’ and ‘prescriptive’ analytics
  • Design appropriate ‘strategic’ and ‘tactical’ marketing metrics
  • A thorough understanding of the data you need, as well as how and where to get it
  • A deeper understanding of key strategic metrics such as customer satisfaction and NPS®
  • Differentiate between ‘vanity’ & ‘sanity’, as well as ‘lagging’ & ‘leading’/predictive metrics
  • Calculate the ROI/ROMI at strategic (client/customer/consumer) and tactical (channel) level
  • Establish links between marketing activities, performance and results using sophisticated mathematical approaches such as marketing mix modelling and attribution’ modelling
  • Determine what works and what doesn’t, and allocate your marketing budget accordingly i.e. ‘marketing optimisation’ (including ‘testing’ – A/B splits, controlled testing, etc.)
  • Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of strategic (customer) and tactical (marketing mix – 7Ps) activities
  • Create a marketing dashboard or scorecard to focus effort and assess both effectiveness and ROI/ROMI – includes appraisal of the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ and similar frameworks

Who should attend

This workshop has been designed for people who understand the critical importance of measuring and evaluating their marketing activities and expenditure and now want to invest in developing a more structured metrics and analytics framework.

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