Maximizing Leadership Impact With Emotional Intelligence and Thriving in Disruptive Times With Leadership Resilience

Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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Schulich Executive Learning Centre


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Participants will master the five skill stages to develop their own EQ and the emotional competencies of their staff:

  • Setting the stage – understanding EQ
  • Self-awareness and self-management competencies
  • Putting the power of EQ into coaching, collaboration and positive influence
  • Strategic leadership – applying EQ to address your workplace challenges
  • Moving forward – setting clear action plans for ongoing EQ engagement

About the course

Maximizing Leadership Impact with Emotional Intelligence

Maximize your leadership effectiveness and management influence using advanced EQ techniques. Emotional Intelligence refers to a set of emotional and social skills and competencies that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use the information in emotions in effective and meaningful ways. This program explores how you can leverage 15 EQ competencies and apply current EQ tools and techniques to enhance performance and productivity in your organization. You will learn how to increase your leadership capacity and overall performance by benchmarking, leveraging and setting plans for intentionally developing your EQ.

Thriving in Disruptive Times with Leadership Resilience

Learn to thrive and support your team in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.

Resilience has positive business outcomes for teams and organizations, especially during times of change. Research has shown that high levels of resilience can deliver valuable work-related outcomes and improve job performance by helping people recover faster from difficulties, reduce stress and develop positive attitudes.

This workshop presents a model of resilience that supports leaders in recovering from setbacks and rebounding to higher levels of success. The business-focused content supports participants in enhancing their personal resilience, so they can strengthen their overall well-being and adaptability in order to drive innovative solutions and better business results. It also equips leaders with the tools to coach and support their teams in strengthening their resilience across eight validated components of resilience.

Both components of this program are also available as standalone courses.


Maximizing Leadership Impact with Emotional Intelligence

Setting the Stage: Understanding EQ in Yourself and Workplace

Emotional Intelligence is not just about managing emotions: it involves engaging a distinct combination of emotional, personal and interpersonal skills and competencies that are essential to your leadership and management success. This module anchors the concept of EQ with a detailed assessment of your EQ strengths and opportunities for growth.

Learning Topics Include:

  • Defining the 15 key EQ capabilities of outstanding leaders
  • Conducting a scientifically-based emotional intelligence self assessment
  • Understanding how you sabotage your own best efforts at personal change
  • Conducting Your EQ Self-Assessment:
  • A highlight of this program is applying the premiere EQ assessment tool to identify your personal leadership strengths and development areas.

Self-Awareness and Self-Management Competencies

How well we understand ourselves is the basis of successful self-management. This module teaches emotional self-awareness, so you can choose effective leadership behaviours to benefit yourself, individuals you work with and the organization as a whole.

Learning Topics Include:

  • Developing advanced awareness of your EQ strengths and growth edges
  • Evaluating specific applications of EQ to success in your career – and where to best focus your energy
  • Engaging leadership and management
  • Putting the Power of EQ into Coaching, Collaboration and Positive Influence
  • This module teaches you to apply EQ through three critical leadership competencies: coaching; creating powerful collaborative teams; and positively influencing others.

Learning Topics Include:

  • Developing a non-anxious leadership presence
  • Addressing toxic behaviours in the workplace
  • Strategically managing the moods of groups and teams
  • Integrating the 15 key EQ skills and competencies into your existing performance assessment framework

Strategic Leadership – Applying EQ to Address Your Workplace Challenges

An organization that collectively exhibits effective EQ builds capacity for sustainable organizational change and performance. This module explores how to apply your EQ to address your unique needs and challenges.

Learning Topics Include:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Influencing even when you do not have authority
  • Supporting the effectiveness and success of your change initiatives
  • Responding to the intense emotions that accompany transition and change

Thriving in Disruptive Times with Leadership Resilience

Definition & Importance of Resilience

Definition of resilience

Why is resilience important?

  • Impact on individual, team, organization

The need for resilience “training”

  • Resilience building as a skill and muscle
  • Not fixed
  • Continuous improvement

The Resilience Questionnaire™ Debrief Interpretation of results

  • Overview of the eight components of resilience
  • Group discussion on High, Medium, Low rating against 8 components
  • Personal reflection and journaling

Circuit Training to Build Mental and Emotional Resilience

  • Model of Resilience
  • Experiential Activities (individual, peer work, small group) that focus on the 8 components of resilience
  • Building block design to expedite internalization and practice of key components
  • Workbook exercises and journaling

Moving Forward – Setting Clear Action Plans for Ongoing EQ and Resilience Engagement

  • Integrating new ways of thinking and acting to enhance your leadership effectiveness back at work
  • Building on your strengths and identifying strategic areas for development
  • Clarifying your vision of success and developing a customized development action plan
  • Understanding what and who may impede your ongoing development


Deborah Jann

Deborah Jann is vice-president, Client Experience and Growth at Connective Intelligence. She draws on 20+ years of experience in HR and innovation consulting, adult education, sales & marketing and intrepreneurship. In addition to being a Master Facilitator, she is a trained Management Coach ...

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Maximizing Leadership Impact With Emotional Intelligence and Thriving in Disruptive Times With Leadership Resilience at Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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