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Feb 7—Jun 6, 2020
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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About the course

Once each year, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from the cross-industry perspectives of respected, outstanding leaders in all stages of the supply chain.

This program is unique. It is designed to advance your career growth opportunities and provide you with the expertise and leading practices needed to propel your organization to the forefront of success, this program provides comprehensive content and professional real-world solutions, delivered with cutting-edge program design.

Focusing on the big picture of what drives a profitable company, you’ll master 11 key supply chain strategy areas and sharpen the skills needed to plan, negotiate, evaluate and lead. Add power to your logistics expertise and a financial perspective to decision-making, and refine your capabilities in using the most effective technology and business tools. Special emphasis is placed on integrating concepts and applying your knowledge in a professional supply chain simulation exercise.


Strategic Planning Through Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Strategy

Setting the stage with an overview of how Supply Chain strategy and operations fit together in leading companies.

  • Survey integrated supply chain components
  • Understand the role of the supply chain and its impact
  • Develop an executable supply chain strategy

Aligning Supply Chain With Your Business Goals

Making the Supply Chain your best business partner.

  • Learn to apply supply chain metrics to meet the needs of the CEO and CFO
  • Understand how supply chain initiatives affect your company’s finances
  • Discover how supply chain risk, customer profitability and other issues are impacting supply chain best practices

Inventory Management & Sourcing to Maximize Operating Profits

Inventory and Materials Management

Harness Inventory Management as the core of Supply Chain.

  • Manage distribution inventory
  • Understand manufacturing supply planning
  • Define supply chain network optimization

Strategic Sourcing

Getting the most for your money. Creating and strengthening supply partnerships.

  • Identify strategic sourcing needs, find the best suppliers and manage supply chain disruption
  • Negotiate contracts and agreements, and measure results
  • Define corporate social responsibility

Distribution Centre Planning & Transportation Management

Distribution Centre Operations

Applying modern and effective DC techniques you can use now.

  • Design distribution centre operations to meet the demands of your customers and your business
  • Balance space, labour and equipment for higher customer service and efficiency
  • Harness important metrics throughout the order fulfillment cycle

Domestic and International Transportation Operations

Applying modern and effective Freight Management techniques you can use now.

  • Understand how to maximize domestic and international transportation for efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Appreciate the workings of cross-border security and risk management in transit
  • Harness important metrics throughout the order fulfillment cycle

Service Quality, Project Management & Change Leadership

Meeting Customer expectations profitably.

  • Develop a service quality mission to protect margins and grow market share
  • Build the metrics and benchmarks for best-in-class performance
  • Develop strategies for customer retention in a dynamic marketplace

Project Management / Change Management

Executing on-time, on-budget, in-scope while managing diverse stakeholders with competing objectives.

  • Identify and apply key project management success factors
  • Capture the benefits of ‘change’ quickly and minimize resistance.
  • Lead change effectively
  • Recognize and manage resistance
  • Anticipate and minimize trouble spots

Lean Supply Chain

Identifying waste in Costs, Effort and Investment Across the Supply Chain

Learn and apply Lean principles to your supply chain to eliminate waste and grow profits.

  • Discover and learn how to look at the supply chain to remove silo thinking
  • Move forward to leading operations practices to delight your customers

Effective Leadership in Your Supply Chain

Focusing your teams and motivating their actions effectively.

  • Develop a leadership style for effectively handling people
  • Create communication strategies appropriate for the individuals you lead
  • Maximize your understanding of how people think and the causes of constructive, aggressive and passive behaviour

Supply Chain Integration and Supply Chain Simulation Game

Supply Chain Integration

The fibre that threads your Supply Chain together.

  • Explore the design and optimization of global networks
  • Learn how to leverage technology to address business opportunities
  • Deliver results through process and project management

Course Recap, Quiz and Supply Chain Simulation Game

Applying the Lessons Learned and Reinforcing Knowledge

  • A fun, team-based competition simulating the supply chain of a business, from accurate forecasting and procurement to managing sales twists and reducing inventory exposure
  • A review of key concepts from each module to help cement the learnings

Who should attend

Past attendees have included current or future leaders from across multiple industries, such as consulting, consumer packaged goods, distribution, food, healthcare, logistics services, manufacturing, retail, technology, third-party logistics, building materials, chemical, aerospace and utilities/energy/resources.

People who took this course work for

Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, CIBC, Capgemini, Mars...

Trust the experts

Joseph Sherren

Biography Joe Sherren, President of Ethos Enterprises Inc., is a management effectiveness expert who has spoken to more than 4,000 audiences in over 30 countries in the areas of leadership, team development and group motivation. His corporate experience includes 25 years in senior management pos...


Mark Thomas

Biography Mark is Program Director and facilitator for the SEEC Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain & Logistics Management and an instructor of Operations Management in the Schulich MBA program. Mark is also Managing Principal of META Management Consulting and has served as Treasurer of Sup...


Mike Ewing

Mike Ewing has more than 18 years of experience in sales and business strategy, with an emphasis on coaching, negotiation, CRM, marketing, and P&L management. Mike has served over 16 years at American Express, most recently as VP and GM of Travellers Cheques Prepaid Services and Foreign Excha...


Mark Gallant

Mark Gallant is Director of Inventory Planning & Replenishment for The Home Depot Canada. In his role, he optimizes all inventory and in-stock positions across all distribution centres and stores, as well as forecasting and replenishment systems. Mark has 17 years of supply chain experience. ...


Laurie Turnbull

Laurie Turnbull, CITT, PMM, is responsible for implementing supply chain performance improvements for customers of Cole International Inc., a national third-party logistics firm providing customs brokerage, transportation and warehousing services. He has extensive logistics management experience...


Jim Eckler

Biography Jim Eckler is a well-known leader in business operations, executive education and consulting in Canada and internationally. He has served some of the largest organizations in more than 10 industry verticals virtually encompassing the full breadth of the economy. Jim is a graduate in ma...


David A. Johnston

Biography David A. Johnston, PhD, specializes in the areas supply chain management for the Schulich School of Business, York University. Dr. Johnston has successfully researched, taught and also consulted internationally in the area of supply management. Dr. Johnston is a well-respected thought ...


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Masters Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

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Available dates

Feb 7—Jun 6, 2020
14 daysModules info
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 11895 ≈USD 9289
CAD 849 per day


Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with Schulich Executive Learning Centre.

Full disclaimer.