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Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Masters Certificate in Public Management

Mar 30—Jun 12, 2020
13 daysModules info
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 9750 ≈USD 7322
CAD 750 per day

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Participate in the full masters certificate program or register for one of the three single modules: strategy, people and process.

Link theory to practice with action-based learning, featuring collaborative exercises, business simulation, business case studies, virtual learning, best-practice sharing, dialogue and peer coaching. Benefit from leading-edge research and a cross-disciplinary approach informed by business, psychology, social science, information technology and adult learning.

Each module prepares you to be a dynamic innovator and expands your horizons of knowledge in multiple areas. You’ll develop the skills necessary to increase revenue, reduce employee turnover, improve sales funnel velocity and enhance return on investment. Transform your sales and organizational culture to surpass expectations by leading and implementing a comprehensive, strategic and tactical approach across all facets of your sales organization.

What you will learn

  • Lead and implement a comprehensive, strategic and tactical approach across all facets of your sales organization
  • Connect and align internal and external stakeholders to lead and catalyze change
  • Innovate how you support corporate strategy and team performance through steward leadership
  • Influence and motivate performance through coaching, communication, recruitment and learning
  • Integrate processes, structure, and tools to drive results

Course content details

Module 1 4 days



  • Transforming organizations for success – a leader’s perspective
  • Achieving inner integrity: understanding yourself and others
  • Innovating through resilience and a culture of change
  • Influencing through building human networks
  • Integrating by aligning people, processes and structure

Learning Outcome: Use a world-class sales leadership model to improve your leadership approach and ability to achieve in-year sales results and long-term returns.

Strategy Alignment: Linking Sales Plans & Growth To Company Strategy

  • Achieving alignment – up, down & across your organization
  • Corporate strategy fundamentals
  • Aligning sales & marketing strategies
  • Identifying leading indicators that you can manage for success

Learning Outcome: Using a ‘strategy-canvas’, participants will create a roadmap to grow revenue, a corporate value proposition and leading indicators of future success.

Strategy Execution: Putting Your Strategy into Action

  • Segmenting clients, opportunities and buyers
  • Sales structure, selling roles, coverage and deployment
  • Motivation and incentives Quota setting and goal allocation

Learning Outcome: This module links corporate strategy with sales execution. Learn practical methodologies for translating organizational goals into tactics to optimize sales execution.

Enhancing Your Critical Thinking

  • Applying techniques for innovation
  • Framing and re-framing from multiple perspectives
  • Identifying a 15% solution for your project

Learning Outcome: Learn how to manage paradox and apply strategic thinking in your business.

The Account Development & Opportunity Management Processes

  • Identify untapped potential – grow net new business
  • Develop a winning competitive strategy
  • Get higher, wider, deeper with the ‘Connections’ Account Strategy
  • Gain access to conversations that increase wallet and market share
  • Create new opportunities for you and your clients
  • Increase sales productivity & reduce sales cycle time

Learning Outcome: Learn how to inspire a client-centred approach to create real value for your clients. Build an account development and opportunity management process that will drive competitive advantage.

Module 2 4 days


Influential Communication for Leaders

  • Powerful presentation structures that gain attention and influence actions
  • How to get your message heard, understood and remembered
  • Recognize and unleash personal communication strengths to further your impact

Learning Outcome: Learn why what your listeners think of your ideas, plans and your entire organization is affected by how they react to you as a leader when you communicate.

Team Coaching & Mentoring Techniques to Drive Higher Performance

  • Ongoing coaching & feedback to improve sales levels
  • Key elements of an effective coaching & mentoring process
  • Adapting your coaching style to the needs of individuals
  • Using questions to illuminate insight and inspire action
  • Inspiring self-directed mastery for breakthrough performance

Learning Outcome: Participants will apply world-class coaching approaches with their current team. Includes a powerful peer-to-peer coaching exercise.

  • Sourcing and Attracting Top Talent for Your Teams
  • Develop key elements of an effective employment value proposition to hire top performers
  • Leveraging social media to get better hiring results
  • Use data analytics to drive workforce strategies
  • Apply critical thinking to the process of recruitment

Learning Outcome: Learn modern techniques in social media and brand for attracting the best talent to your organization. Participate in key exercises to improve critical components of the recruitment process and strategies for driving better candidate quality. Learn how to leverage insights and analytics to develop a more strategic approach to recruitment.

Performance Management That Works Better

  • Fostering mutual intent, respect and purpose
  • Establishing a performance expectation system
  • Engaging in difficult conversations
  • Dealing with ‘quit and stay’ marginal performers
  • Succession planning approaches for ‘high potentials’

Learning Outcome: You are responsible for Sales and People. We are all clear on how to manage “Sales Cycles” but how many of us are clear on how to manage our “People Cycles.” Come away from this day with a clear understanding of the 10 Steps in the People Management Cycle, where your gaps are and a plan to address them.

Module 3 5 days


Re-Thinking Change Leadership

  • Discovering individual challenges with organizational change
  • Exploring new methods for ‘re-framing’ thinking and communication
  • Advanced approaches to rapport development and reducing resistance

Learning Outcome: An awareness of how certain behaviours/approaches impact others and employing advanced interpersonal communication tools to enhance the effectiveness of attaining alignment around required change.

Optimizing Client Intelligence (CI)

  • How client intelligence delivers competitive advantage
  • Identify customer value to your business
  • Learn strategies that increase customer satisfaction while decreasing cost

Learning Outcome: Participants will explore how CI can grow the average sale size, increase revenue, drive greater profitability and provide competitive advantage for your organization.

Exploring Social Selling Mastery™

  • Why sales needs social media
  • Traits of a successful social selling program
  • How to drive pipeline and revenue with social media

Learning Outcome: Learn practical tips and techniques to attract buyers on social media.

Problem Solving and Innovating for Improved Performance in Complex Environments

  • Issue Identification: the new leading-edge leadership skill
  • The importance of innovation in achieving strategic objectives
  • Downstream innovation – the greatest source of innovation: your frontline sales force
  • Engaging employees, capturing valuable insights and delivering ideas that create value for your organization

Learning Outcome : Participants will have a strong understanding of why innovation is critical to compete in today’s complex business environment, of the important role sales teams play in problem solving and the innovation process and of the practical skills necessary to create and manage an innovation engine within their organization.

Fueling Growth from the Inside Out in today’s VUCA world

  • Learn about the impact of stress on you and your business
  • Discover and practice some simple meditation techniques to help you to manage stress
  • Build an awareness about the importance of positive emotions in building high performance teams

Learning Outcome: Learn more about your own response to stress and what to do about it. And, recognize the importance of leading from a positive perspective so that your team can operate from an engaged, creative and collaborative space.

Who should attend

This program benefits senior leaders in public service preparing for succession to higher levels; high-potential professionals who aspire to senior-level leadership in the government and not-for-profit sectors; professionals in the private sector who interface with government; executives and senior staff at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government, as well as at healthcare organizations, school boards, social service agencies and charitable foundations.


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Detailed Description

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Mar 30—Jun 12, 2020
13 daysModules info
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 9750 ≈USD 7322
CAD 750 per day

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