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Cyprus International Institute of Management

Mastering the Selling Process

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About the course

Selling is one of the most basic and fundamental skill in the market. Whether you are selling a product or a service, you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and anticipate their pain points. The selling process has been totally transformed by some of the greatest advances in technology. This course is designed to enhance participants’ selling skill set. By understanding the psychology of sales will enable you to learn how to master the art of selling. Furthermore, the programme focuses on what you sell, to whom and how you do it more effectively. Nevertheless, without the ability to convince your clients to buy your product or service, no other aspect of your business matters. Learning to apply the right sales techniques at the right time is essential to successful selling.

Programme Focus

  • Introduction to the sales world: terminologies, tools, systems, sales cycles, the principles of sales.
  • Managing a sales call: building a sales pitch and going through the steps of a sales call/meeting.
  • Cold Calls: how to plan and handle cold outreach and create sales meetings.
  • How to follow-up on leads: managing a CRM.
  • Corresponding: how to write strong emails that deliver results, how to manage written communication.
  • How to network at events.

Benefits for you

  • Learn a positive sales approach, tested sales techniques and contemporary methodologies
  • Improve your sales skills and maximize your results
  • Communicate effectively and develop listening skills
  • Understand and control the impact you have on people

Benefits for your organisation

  • Enable your employees to improve their selling skills
  • Optimise the selling and sales management process of your organisation
  • Help your sales personnel to define goals and action plans

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of building a personal relationship with the client
  • Learn how to use personalized pitches
  • Be able to offer your client options
  • Develop up-selling skills
  • Keep adding value to your products / services

Who should attend

  • CEO’s and Business Owners
  • Sales Managers
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • Other specialists who wish to work in sales or to improve their selling skills

Trust the experts

Danna Zakai

Mrs. Danna Zakai is an experienced sales trainer and lecturer. For over four years, Danna has trained sales teams on sales skills, techniques and methodologies. Danna works with small and large companies, mostly SaaS (software as a service) startups, who sell B2B and B2C solutions. She also teach...


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