Mastering the Digital Supply Chain

Vlerick Business School Executive Education

Vlerick Business School Executive Education


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Who should attend

  • managers who understand the power of a strong digital strategy
  • operations managers working to develop a digital strategy
  • ICT managers responsible for formulating and implementing the digital strategy
  • innovation managers who wish to integrate digital developments into the innovation strategy
  • professionals fascinated by the impact of digitisation on the organisation

About the course

Drive your organisation’s digital supply chain transformation

This unique programme combines the expertise of one of Europe’s leading institutes of technology and one of its leading business schools. At Vlerick Business School, you’ll learn the very latest in smart supply chains and digital leadership. While at RWTH Aachen Engineering Campus, we guarantee an action-focused learning experience: alternating content sessions with a demo factory visit to put your new knowledge into practice will allow you to gain a solid knowledge base and turn your own company into a factory of the future. This powerful combination will give you the skills, experience and confidence to master the transition towards a digital factory and supply chain.


If you are looking for a comprehensive training in the latest Digital Supply Chain current topics and trends, this programme offers the right knowledge, insights and skills. It will help you take your digital strategy to the next level.

What added value can ‘Mastering the Digital Supply Chain’ offer you and your company?

  • Understand the changing impact that digitisation may have on both your supply chain and your production
  • Gain insights into the correct use of technologies
  • Discover what digital initiatives you need to take and how you can assess them to grow your business
  • Develop the essential knowledge and skills required to measure, analyse and successfully implement digital initiatives
  • Adopt the appropriate leadership role to steer your business to the next step


The three-day ‘Mastering the Digital Supply Chain’ programme consists of 3 modules. Together they cover the most important building blocks of the digital strategy for your operations and supply chain:

Module 1: The smart supply chain

  • What is a smart supply chain and why is it so important?
  • What does this digitisation mean and how can it transform your organisation and competition?
  • Of all the available technologies and suppliers, how do you choose the right one for your own business and value proposition?

Module 2: The smart factory

  • How do smart factories and smart logistics processes contribute to your organisation's digital transformation?
  • Which data infrastructure is used for digital twins and digital shadows?
  • How can AI and ML contribute to the decision-making process?
  • Who will ultimately make the decision: a human or a machine?
  • What does ‘Manufacturing as a service’ mean and is it a vision or a reality?
  • What investments are needed, how can you assess them and what are the likely returns?

Module 3: Leadership in digital transformation

  • What roles exist in a digital transformation and what is your role?
  • What experiments are required and how do you make the right choices?
  • What is the ROI of Industry 4.0?
  • How do you handle the change brought about by the digital transformation?


Ann Vereecke

Ann advises you on the supply chain that best fits your strategy and your products. Ann Vereecke is Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Vlerick Business School and Ghent University. She is Partner and Faculty Dean of Vlerick Business School. She graduated as an engineer at Ghen...

Stijn Viaene

Stijn is a passionate Faculty Member with his mind set on teaming up business and IT for value creation.Stijn is passionate about what it means to successfully create a digital enterprise, capturing the value that comes with the use of novel technological advances such as big data, analytics, soc...

Karlien Vanderheyden

Karlien focusses on how we, as individuals, can impact the working processes and the performance of organisations.Karlien Vanderheyden studies the social intelligence of people and how individuals can enhance the performance of organisations through their own behaviour and the interaction with ot...

Fredrik Hacklin

And over 30,000 online and printed journals + well-known business databases like Bloomberg, Euromonitor,... available for you. Fredrik Hacklin is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School and Managing Director of the Corporate Innovation Lab. He further serves as Associate Professo...

Frank Piller

Frank T. Piller is a professor of management and the co-director of the RWTH Institute for Technology & Innovation Management at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, one of Europe’s leading universities of technology. Before entering his recent position in Aachen, he worked at the MIT Sloan Schoo...

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Mastering the Digital Supply Chain at Vlerick Business School Executive Education

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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