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Mastering Strategy Execution

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About the course

Transcend your strategy execution challenges to deliver exceptional organisational performance.

Having a winning strategy is only half the solution to be able to compete in a market. In most organisations, the key to success often lies in execution – the process of translating strategy into concrete and appropriate actions on the ground, which most organisations get wrong. Over this two-day programme, a specialist strategy execution facilitator will work closely with you to unpack your strategy execution challenge and set you on the course for delivering your strategic objectives effectively.

Understanding the intricacies of strategy execution will equip you with skills to:

  • Discern the link between strategy design and execution;
  • Scan the environment more effectively;
  • Contribute to enhancing the capabilities and growth of the organisation;
  • Manage yourself and others in the process more effectively;
  • Developing KPIs to measure impact;
  • Implement a strategy more seamlessly and thoroughly; and
  • Anticipate and manage unintended consequences more appropriately and prudently.

How you will benefit

At the end of the programme, you will:

  • Understand how your strategy execution efforts are affected by the global environment of business, including cultural relativism, political structures, demographic shifts and megatrends;
  • Understand why and how strategy execution relates to strategy design;
  • Learn and practice using a set of tools for translating strategy into action;
  • Know how to develop appropriate performance indicators and manage unintended consequences;
  • Benefit from co-facilitation by two experts in strategy execution;
  • Benefit from spending time with your peers from local and international businesses facing similar execution challenges; and
  • Convert your strategy / business plan that you arrived with into a tailor-made action plan for your business.

Key focus areas:

  • The differences and links between strategy formulation and strategy execution;
  • Decisions and actions required in the strategy execution process;
  • Understanding management control and its limits;
  • Your role in the strategy execution process;
  • The use of performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking and challenging the strategy;
  • The role of context, environment, and chance in executing strategy;
  • Mastering the tools, techniques and best practices for competitive strategy execution;
  • Leading strategy execution within a complex network of stakeholders;
  • Develop appropriate performance indicators for driving change and ensuring alignment; and
  • Manage unintended consequences that are an inevitable part of any strategy execution initiative.

Who should attend

Those responsible for implementing strategies and driving strategic change including:

  • Heads of business units and business divisions;
  • Operations managers;
  • Senior managers, and
  • Those who wish to execute business and corporate strategies effectively and resourcefully.

Trust the experts

Matthew Birtch

Matthew is a Faculty member in Strategy at GIBS, and previously was the Head of Strategy and Africa Deal Strategy Leader at two global advisory firms. He has close to 20 years’ experience within strategic advisory. Having led high deal value local and international engagements in Sub Saharan Afri...


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