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Mastering Project Management

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Apr 22—26
5 days
London, United Kingdom
USD 5950
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Aug 19—23
5 days
California, United States
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Sep 9—13
5 days
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Projects are delivered by people and their attitudes and skills can make a massive difference to the success of project. The major difference between a project manager and a ‘Master’ project manager lies in the ability to understand that successful Project Management is about the effective utilization of both Hard Skills and Soft Skills. It goes without saying that ‘what’ you do as a project manager is important, but ‘how’ you do it is absolutely critical.

This seminar demonstrates the practice of project management hard and soft skills. It provides a range of tools and techniques that project managers can use to reduce risks and overcome interpersonal hurdles. The seminar presents a number of ‘critical’ habits related to how you manage projects through, and with, people. Issues such as time management, personality types, how to understand and develop your team members, developing your leadership skills, conflict management, negotiation skills, building and motivating your team are comprehensively covered.

This seminar presents insights into:

  • Preparing and executing a project plan
  • Identifying and analysing project risk
  • Selecting and leading project teams
  • Determining project health
  • Measuring and presenting results against initial goals


Seminar attendees will fully understand:

  • What makes a person a ‘Master’ of Project Management
  • The importance of knowing your outcome before you start a project
  • The importance of planning and how to manage the Planning Process
  • The importance of people management skills in delivering of projects
  • How to keep the team focused on the delivery goal
  • How to set up and operate disciplines required to monitor and control projects


The seminar is designed to be taught interactively with syndicate and personal exercises, facilitation of group discussions, training videos, and discussions of real life examples.


The organisation will benefit by:

  • Increase project managers’ personal effectiveness
  • Better production of project outcomes
  • Mastering project management soft skills
  • Alignment of project and corporate goals
  • Understanding Conflicts and resolving them
  • Development of robust project teams


Attendees will gain by participation in this program through:

  • Mastering skills in managing project activities
  • Learning skills necessary for mastering the art of project management
  • Developing a more effective approach to interacting with project stakeholders
  • Further developing people management skills
  • Ways for building effective plans
  • Better overall management and control of projects


Day1 - Introduction to projects

  • What is a project?
  • Benefits of project management
  • Why some projects fail?
  • The 5 principles of project management
  • Using a project management ‘approach’
  • The business case – it’s importance and relevance
  • Roles in project management
  • Building the project management team

Day2 - Scoping and laying the foundations

  • Developing a clear project scope and objectives
  • Leadership in projects – what does it mean to you?
  • Project paperwork – is it really necessary?
  • Stakeholder management – the first stage of risk assessment
  • Risk management – ensuring you practice prevention
  • Developing your project plan using a robust planning process Stage I

Day3 - Organising for success and gaining & maintaining commitment

  • Developing your project plan using a robust planning process Stage II
  • Personal attitudes and human behaviours
  • Effective influence and persuasion
  • Empowerment through effective delegation
  • Understanding interpersonal relationships and the impact on performance

Day4 - Monitoring and controlling projects

  • Tracking you are still delivering the project – data information
  • Managing the tensions
  • Further developing your people (soft) skills
  • Lessons learned and creating learning culture
  • Knowledge transfer
  • The Project Support Office

Day5 - Staying focused, delivering and closing your project

  • Decision making for success
  • An introduction to creative thinking
  • Personal time management – the impact on projects
  • Meeting skills
  • Formally closing the project
  • Celebrating success

Who should attend

This seminar is intended for project professional, team leaders and team members who are engaged in project work from simple to complex. Because of the universality of the principles and techniques covered, the seminar will also be of value to anyone managing or involved in projects regardless of their professional background or industry they operate within.

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