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Mastering Project Finance Models — e-Learning

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Our comprehensive project finance modelling course - online!

This project finance modeling course uses a building block approach to demystify the process of building complex project finance models. With detailed cell by cell instructions (and explanations) in both printed and video format, the course takes you step by step through the process of building a sophisticated project finance model. This course is a “must-do” for the serious project finance practitioner.

Over 16 modules you will learn about modelling best practice, build key Excel skills and use a building block approach to create a full scoped project finance model. Each of the 16 modules contains the following core elements:

  • E-learning: Used to explain overall structure and modelling logic by using interactive examples and visual diagrams
  • Excel Skill Builder Sections: Used to progressively develop your knowledge of Excel functions, improve your modelling skills and refine your modelling techniques.
  • Video Demonstrations: Video demonstration of each step of the model building process with full on-screen explanations. Re-wind and review unlimited times as you build your model.
  • Printed Explanations: Detailed printable cell by cell instructions and explanations for each step of the model building process (over 350 pages across the 16 modules).
  • Spreadsheets: Blank and completed versions of spreadsheets so you can check your work at each step along the model building process.
  • Instructor Support: Unlimited one-to-one instructor support.

By the end of the Course you will have built a model with:

  • monthly construction drawdowns
  • two tranches of construction debt
  • flexibility to choose one of three drawdown options i.e. equity first, pro-rata debt and equity drawdown, equity on completion
  • two tranches of term debt with the flexibility to model interest only periods, quarterly inputs for base rate, margins, hedging percentage and swap rates. You will also be able to model quarterly, semi-annual or annual repayment profiles
  • debt service reserve with the flexibility to model a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month reserve
  • revenues and operating costs with indexation
  • a major maintenance reserve with progressive build up of funds and flexibility to change the period over which it is built up
  • a detailed depreciation schedule with the flexibility to use straight line depreciation, accelerated depreciation, no depreciation or immediate write-offs.
  • Project cashflow analysis with all the key metrics e.g. DSCR, LLCR, PLCR, IRR, Payback periods, distribution lock-up

Financial statements (both quarterly and annual)

In addition, you will learn how to carry out sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis and break-even analysis.


This course is available “on-demand” and is self-paced allowing participants up to 12 months to complete the course requirements. It uses a building block approach and includes detailed cell by cell instructions in both printed and video format. It takes about 40 hours to complete. This course is a “must-do” for the project finance practitioner.

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Course
  • Module 2: Modelling Best Practice
  • Module 3: Model Assumptions
  • Module 4: Model Building Steps and Excel Essentials
  • Module 5: Construction Costs
  • Module 6: Construction Funding
  • Module 7: Term Debt
  • Module 8: Revenues
  • Module 9: Operating Costs
  • Module 10: Major Maintenance
  • Module 11: Depreciation
  • Module 12: Working Capital
  • Module 13: Tax
  • Module 14: Project Cashflows
  • Module 15: Financial Statements
  • Module 16: Using the Model


Atul has worked as a senior project financier with Australian, Japanese and French banks for over 15 years. He has core expertise in structuring debt and equity for infrastructure projects (toll roads, airports, rail, pipelines), public private partnerships (schools, convention centres, hospitals...


Detailed Description
Detailed Description

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On demand
GBP 2500 ≈USD 3270

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