Center for Creative Leadership

Mastering Conflict Dynamics (MCD)

Available dates

Mar 4—6, 2020
3 days
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
USD 1800
USD 600 per day
Jul 8—10, 2020
3 days
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
USD 1800
USD 600 per day
Nov 4—6, 2020
3 days
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
USD 1800
USD 600 per day


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About the course

Research indicates that managing conflict is one of the most common development needs of leaders and managers. This finding isn’t surprising given how pervasive conflict is and how detrimental unresolved conflict can be for individuals, teams and organizations. MCD gives participants an increased awareness of the root causes of conflict and helps them acquire new skills for effectively assessing and resolving conflict. Through a variety of teaching techniques including lectures, simulations, group exercises and personal feedback, the program helps participants learn to address conflict with comfort and confidence.


During this program, participants

  • Examine the barriers and bridges to effective conflict resolution
  • Receive feedback from colleagues on how they behave during conflicts
  • Practice and improve conflict resolution skills
  • Learn how to build a climate of trust and cooperation among coworkers
  • Gain insights for managing emotions in tense situations
  • Increase creativity and productivity by cultivating the positive aspects of conflict
  • Develop action plans for increased effectiveness
  • Apply program content to actual organizational concerns

Special Features

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) provides comprehensive feedback on how participants perceive themselves responding to conflict, how others view them, what behaviors are perceived to be more effective and which of their responses have the most potential to damage their careers within an organization.

A one-on-one personal feedback session with a feedback coach will help participants understand and interpret data from the CDP and two other powerful assessment tools.

Video recorded role-play sessions provide an opportunity to apply behaviors and concepts learned throughout the program to real-life scenarios. Facilitated video reviews generate practical tips for successful conflict resolution



Experiencing the power of trust

Discovering your impact on others: Conflict Dynamics Profile® feedback

Enhancing your listening skills

Practicing constructive conflict behaviors: video recorded vignettes


Appreciating the significance of style

Solving team conflict

Learning from actual challenges: video taped conflict real plays


Leveraging your strengths in conflict

Utilizing creativity to address everyday challenges

Consulting with a personal executive coach

Integrating and planning

Course reviews