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Antwerp Management School


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Who should attend

The DEMO course is intended for practitioners in the field of organization and ICT who want to be educated more profoundly in their field of practice and who particularly look for a solid methodological foundation of their profession.

  • Enterprise architects / consultants
  • Business architects / analysts / consultants
  • Information managers
  • Business process managers
  • Quality managers

About the course

Enterprise engineering means designing and constructing an organization. In the same way that an engineer would build a bridge, airplane or computer. With 4 integrated DEMO aspect models, each having their own specific use, DEMO will give you an overview of, and insight in organizations. This way we can untangle the complex knot that organizations have become, fix the constructional mistakes and put everything back together. Just like an engineer would repair a bridge, airplane or computer.

Learning objectives

After attending this program, participants have further developed their professional skills:

  • You will appreciate the paradigm shift in thinking about organization, business processes, information systems and ICT, the underlying theories of DEMO. This paradigm shift is known as Enterprise Ontology, a new notion that you will get to understand thoroughly.
  • Based on ample exercises and examples from practice, you will understand that the Enterprise Ontology based essential model is comprehensive, coherent, consistent and yet concise. The Enterprise Ontology model captures the essence of an organization, independent of realization and implementation.
  • You will discover and appreciate that DEMO can be viewed as complementary to familiar approaches as there are: organizational approaches (Balanced Score Card, Lean & Six Sigma, etc.), BPM approaches (BPMN, EPC, PetriNet, Archimate, etc.), and IS development approaches (ER, NIAM, ORM, etc.).
  • You will be introduced to the discipline of Enterprise Engineering, which is built on Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Governance and Enterprise Design, next to Enterprise Ontology.

What is DEMO?

DEMO is the principal methodology in the new discipline of Enterprise Engineering (EE) ( EE, an organization is considered a designed (social) system, even if it seems to have grown ‘organically’. Changing an organization thus means deliberately re-designing and re-engineering it, including the supporting ICT applications. In this master class, we will go into the philosophy, the way of thinking, the way of modelling and the way of working of DEMO.

  • The Philosophy of DEMO is that people are the ‘pearls’ of every organization. People are by nature able and willing to bear responsibility for their acts, to collaborate and to strive for consensus. This is the ambience in which people like to excel in doing their work and make sense of it. ICT applications are meant to support people, but they can never take over responsibility.
  • The Way of Thinking (WoT) in DEMO is constituted by a number of EE theories. The core one is called the PSI theory (Performance in Social Interaction). It states that human collaboration takes place in social interaction between actors, i.e. by entering into and complying with commitments regarding the bringing about of some (tangible or intangible) product. One of the actors is the initiator and the other the executor. It also states that, regardless the product, there is a universal interaction pattern, called the (business) transaction. Every transaction process is some path through this universal pattern. Transaction kinds with their executing actor roles constitute the organizational building block. In DEMO, (business) processes are simple trees of these building blocks, instead of mind-bending railroad yards.
  • The Way of Modelling (WoM) in DEMO is fully based on its Way of Thinking. Observing an organization ‘through the glasses of the DEMO WoT’, yields the essential model of an organization, completely abstracted from implementation (technology) and from realization, i.e. from informational issues (remembering, sharing and deriving facts) and documental issues (storing, retrieving and copying documents or data). The essential model is comprehensive, coherent, consistent and very concise. The reduction of complexity that is achieved, compared to current models, is over 95%. Consequently, the essential model of an organization offers the insight and overview that you want and need for (major) re-design and re-engineering initiatives.
  • The Way of Working (WoW) in DEMO is directly based on its Philosophy. The transaction kinds and actor roles in the essential model of an organization, are identified during intensive and extensive discussions with the employees. Their involvement is crucial. Steered by DEMO professionals, they ‘discover’ in which transactions they participate and which actor roles they fill. Consequently, it clarifies what authorization they need and what responsibility they bear. This is the empowerment that DEMO brings them. The employees are also crucial in validating the essential model, so in making sure that it is a truthful model of the organization.


Hans Mulder

Function Professor Expertise Enterprise Engineering Business Consultancy Mediation Expert of the Court Facilitator Hans Mulder is managing director of Venture Informatisering Adviesgroep NV (VIAgroup), professor at the University of Antwerp (UA), Antwerp Management School (AMS) and the Po...

Martin Op ‘t Land

Expertise Enterprise Engineering Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Design Strategy Development and Implementation Organizational Theory Business Consultancy Programs Executive Master in Enterprise IT Architecture Executive Master in IT Management Martin Op ’t Land is Capgemini certified ...

Master Class Demo 4.0 Professional at Antwerp Management School

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