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Marketing Optimized Selling: Integrating Advertising, Social Media & PR With Face-to-face Selling Efforts

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About the course

We all know that social media, advertising, public relations and live events hold amazing potential for positively influencing prospect decisions, increasing sales effectiveness and supporting customer retention. Yet, no one ever tells us how to effectively integrate and align these campaigns with our direct sales efforts to maximize their bottom-line impact and ROI.

Until now!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to align and focus all of your “Outside of Sales Call” marketing tactics on four key points in the sales relationship to support and supercharge your sales efforts and increase the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaigns.

If you’re in sales or sales management, you’ll learn how and which marketing interventions at key points in the sales relationship can sway decisions in your favor, accelerate your sales cycles and help retain your existing clients.


This interactive workshop will help participants:

  • Explore / Identify the Six Concept Categories that initiate Buying Behavior.
  • Answer their prospect’s four key “Justification Questions” before they’re ever asked.
  • Explore / create effective marketing interventions based on their prospect’s perspective.
  • Learn how to accelerate Buying Behavior by logically and emotionally "Pre-Selling".


  • Learn a protocol for quickly creating effective marketing tactics based on their prospect’s preferred “Delivery Channels” and their position in the Buying Journey.
  • Design effective marketing interventions that influence / lead prospects at critical decision-making points in the sales relationship.
  • Create a four-level campaign that integrates and leverages social media, marketing, public relations and live events to support F2F Sales and accelerate their prospect’s B2B Buying Journey.

Who should attend

This course has been designed for mid-level to senior managers and individual contributors eager to increase their overall impact at work.

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Rick Simoni

Rick Simoni is the founder and president of the Sales Co., a sales system consulting firm specializing in Sales Cycle and Buying Journey Acceleration. The singular focus of Rick’s career has been on the development and execution of world-class systems for sales onboarding, sales training, produc...


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