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Marketing Management (MM) Online Program

Marketing Management program clip: Map your marketing innovation on several dimensions
May 4—Jun 7, 2020
CHF 1950 ≈USD 1953
Oct 5—Nov 8, 2020
CHF 1950 ≈USD 1953

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  • Employ data and insights to calculate your customer life-cycle value
  • Use evidence-based analysis to have better team interactions
  • Learn how to co-create value with your customers - and capture it
  • Create a value-based action plan ready to deploy in your business

Win, serve, and retain your customers with cutting-edge marketing management training

In this demanding business environment, you want to seize the opportunity to develop better customer insights to beat your competitors. Marketing Management takes an integrated business perspective suited to any industry, placing your marketing role alongside strategy and finance at the heart of a business.

You will learn to co-create value with your customers, then capture and communicate that value innovatively. Armed with compelling data and insights, you will have more effective, evidence-based discussions with your team. Using the right customer metrics will make you a better decision-maker — and ultimately, a superior marketer.

By creating more value for customers, you will grow your relevance and influence within your organization.

Marketing Management - your learning journey

This online course is 5 weeks long. It's long enough for you to apply to your own working context what you learn and gain a deeper understanding of value-based marketing.

Unit 1 - Marketing's value to the firm

  • Understand the links between Marketing, Strategy and Finance
  • Analyze marketing ROI and break-evens
  • Explore the 4 roles of the marketer

Unit 2 - Customer lifetime value & competing for value

  • Focus on Customer Lifetime Value and how to calculate it
  • Review of marketing metrics and the different dimensions of competition
  • Optimize decision making to drive revenues and profitability
  • Look at different market definitions and their application to achieve greater value

Unit 3 - Understanding customer value

  • Examine the “Job to be done” approach to purchase drivers
  • Apply this approach in both B2C and B2B settings
  • Gather customer insights

Unit 4 - Co-creating & communicating value

  • How to work with customers to co-create value
  • Provide customer solutions more successfully
  • Communicate value using brand and value propositions

Unit 5 - Capturing value & organizing for value-based marketing

  • Review value-based pricing and the capabilities required to achieve pricing excellence
  • How you can organize for value-based marketing
  • Gain a better understanding of the required capabilities for marketing success and how to measure it

Your Learning Coach

How we are helping you

You will have a dedicated learning coach, making sure you receive a highly individualized learning experience.

Your designated Marketing Management learning coach accompanies you through your 8-week learning journey. They provide support and feedback as you apply your learning straight away in the workplace, where it has an immediate impact.

Their input helps you translate your learning to your particular context. By spreading this feedback regularly throughout the program, you'll be sure to embed your ongoing learning directly in your daily work.

Your learning coach interacts with you via video, in writing and over the phone. You have calls, spread across the 8 weeks, at intervals that consolidate your learning.

Your learning coach helps you:

  • Define your learning objectives
  • Review your progress on a weekly basis
  • Overcome your challenges
  • Translate what you learn to your own context

Who should attend

You are a business executive or team competing in a demanding market environment and experiencing increased pressure on your contribution margins. You need to gain a deeper understanding of value-based marketing and develop the skills and capabilities that can make you a more relevant and influential marketer for your business today and beyond.


Professor Michel's major research interests are in customer-focused marketing strategy, service innovation and pricing. At IMD, he is the Dean of our Executive MBA program and the faculty representative at the IMD foundation board. He teaches in the  Executive MBA, Strategic Marketing Program, t...


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Detailed Description

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May 4—Jun 7, 2020
CHF 1950 ≈USD 1953
Oct 5—Nov 8, 2020
CHF 1950 ≈USD 1953

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