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About the course

Planning and designing integrated marketing communications Almost all communications today are "marketing" communications. Research indicates that campaigns that are on a consistent strategy have a stronger impact on sales and other desirable outcomes.

This course is designed to help you think about, create, manage and evaluate an effective marketing communications program that integrates multiple communication channels.

To get into the "full-immersion" mindset of the course, please complete the pre-work before coming to class.

What you will learn

  • Develop communication objectives based on sound techniques to ensure a complete branding strategy
  • Write brilliant, clear creative briefs to generate strong media plans and creative
  • Recognize what makes each communication vehicle good for some purposes and less good for others
  • Adapt your positioning to hit your segmentation and communication targets
  • Clearly and consistently communicate the benefits of your brands
  • Integrate electronic media with offline channels

Program content

You will engage in hands-on exercises designed to link the ideas you are learning to real-world skills.

  • Marketing communication fundamentals: techniques to identify the right target audience for your communication, creating positioning statements, developing segmentation and communication targets and aligning your positioning to communicate with them, consumer behavioural concepts that support great marketing communications
  • The Brief: how briefs impact both creative and media, targeting and building a great brief, using target audience personification to gain better communication, completing the unintended target audience section for the best work
  • Creative: exercises to get you comfortable thinking about and working with this area of marketing
  • Media planning: simulation to let you play with options that build on what you are learning in class

Who should attend

Managers in the marketing, public relations or business development field who create or evaluate marketing communications, manage others in those roles, or hope to move into these roles in the future.

In a world in which everyone is a communicator through Facebook and blogs, this course is particularly useful to entrepreneurs or anyone engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

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Ann Stone

Ann is a Marketing Instructor at the Sauder School of Business, where she teaches marketing principles, integrated marketing communication and marketing strategy. She brings to the classroom more than 25 years of C-level marketing experience. Her past positions include roles at The Coca-Cola Comp...


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