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The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Marketing Alliances and Partnerships

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Sep 10—Apr 24
Cookham, United Kingdom
GBP 1315 ≈USD 1696
GBP 1315 per day
Nov 5—Apr 24
Cookham, United Kingdom
GBP 1315 ≈USD 1696
GBP 1315 per day




Alliances and partnerships can quickly build up revenues, profitability and market share for your business. You no longer have to rely on organic growth to build your market but you can learn how to construct an array of new and exciting alliance and partnership strategies to help you achieve your market potential.

Learning outcomes

  • Build effective alliances and partnerships marketing strategies and plans.
  • Understand how to work with partners marketing divisions and departments.
  • Work effectively on joint marketing activities and initiatives.
  • Review and optimise alliance marketing relationships.
  • Discovering and exploring the fundamentals of successful alliances marketing.
  • Understanding the alliance marketing life cycle.
  • Identifying, establishing and managing partnerships.
  • Creating formal and informal sales/marketing structures for governing your alliances.
  • Recognising the competencies of alliance-savvy organisations.

Who should attend

Marketing, product, channel, strategy managers and planners and those who are responsible for their organisation’s strategic alliances and partnerships.


Gopal is a highly respected international B2B and B2C marketing, strategy and sales leader. He has spent over 20 years in senior global management roles in the telecoms, technology and media industries across Microsoft, Dell, Nokia, Cisco, Siemans and BT Group. Since graduating from Aberystwyt...