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Managing Difficult People

Available dates

Jan 24, 2020
SGD 375 ≈USD 284
SGD 375 per day
Jun 26, 2020
SGD 375 ≈USD 284
SGD 375 per day


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About the course

To build skills in managing difficult stakeholders


  • Identified an opportunity to better handle a key stakeholder
  • Explored causes of difficulties in relating to and handling the stakeholder
  • Explored similarities and differences in values, personality preferences, leadership style and behaviours between themselves and their stakeholder
  • Developed strategies to achieve win-win where possible
  • Where resolution is not possible, recognize and accept the trade


  • Introduction to workshop objectives and ground rules
  • Sources of differences
  • What underlies difficult behaviour
  • The Mirror Test – knowing me, knowing the stakeholder and knowing how other people perceive me
  • Handling Quotient in turning around difficult situations
  • How to achieve win-win and live with trade-offs
  • Assertiveness, advocacy and inquiry skills
  • Consequence management and tough conversations
  • Inspiring through praise and showing recognition
  • Summary, reflection, evaluation and closing

Who should attend

Participants who need and want to better handle a key stakeholder

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Eliza Quek

Eliza is an International HR and Organization Development Consultant based in Singapore who has served as both Internal and External Change Agent. She designs and conducts diagnostic studies and customizes solutions for public and private sector clients. Eliza designs and facilitates strategic pl...


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