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Managing Conflict: Strategies for Elected Officials

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Elected officials frequently deal with sensitive, sometimes contentious, issues at board meetings and in other public and private settings. Knowing how to successfully manage these conflicts is critical to achieving shared goals for a group or community. This course focuses on two parts of negotiation and problem solving: how personality types affect conflict development and resolution and understanding and applying principles of interest-based negotiation to create win-win solutions.

Topics - Local and State Government

  • Human Resources
  • Leadership and Management

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Public Officials - Local and State Government Roles Appointed Board Members Elected Officials

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John Stephens

John Stephens joined the School of Government in 1996. Previously, he was research director of the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management. His publications include Guidebook to Public Dispute Resolution in North Carolina and Public Management Bulletin: Using a Mediator in P...


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