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Dec 2—6, 2019
5 days
New York, New York, United States
Jul 27—31, 2020
5 days
California, United States
Oct 12—16, 2020
5 days
Miami, Florida, United States
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About the course

As a manager do you worry that you only seem to work on routine tasks every day? Or that you can’t break through to work on more transformational activities?

Do you find yourself getting sucked into dealing with too many details, peoples’ problems and spend too little time looking up and looking out to become a more strategic manager?

Then you are not alone! Our research and experience tells us that the stresses and strains of modern organisations are placing incredible burdens on their managers. Managers just like you who want to add real value to their organisation but don’t have the tools to break through the day-to-day demands.

This fast-paced Oxford seminar provides an opportunity to reflect on how you manage now. It will challenge how you operate and teach you how to reconfigure your work to achieve greater results and a more strategic outlook.

In short it will give you all the tools and techniques you need to become more strategic, develop longer-term personal and organisational goals and drive them through.

Seminar Objective

Specifically you will learn to:

  • Make better choices about how you spend your valuable management time
  • Consistently manage your people quicker and more efficiently
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend in meetings
  • Focus yourself and your people on output not input
  • Develop and communicate a compelling strategic vision to drive your team
  • Build value-added change into daily management activities
  • Apply research-based techniques to build trust within and beyond the team
  • Implement techniques to motivate employees and liberate their talent
  • Use assertiveness techniques to rapidly eliminate performance problems
  • Incorporate the secrets of influence and persuasion to get things done
  • Use benchmarked case studies to develop your team into a high performing one

Seminar Outline

  • Deal with the challenges and roles of the 21st century manager
  • Design and build a plan to focus on effectiveness and efficiency
  • Inspire employees to self-motivate – lessons from modern psychology
  • Build a compelling strategic vision and value set to inspire your people
  • Understand leadership styles and how to use yours more effectively
  • Create outcomes-focused objectives to dramatically improve performance
  • Use speed-coaching and assertiveness techniques for rapid turnaround results
  • Eradicate ineffective meetings behaviour and be seen as influential in meetings
  • Create a high-performance team; mould your people into a star team with best practices and research
  • Deploy techniques to build a culture of team creativity, innovation and transformation
  • Resolve conflict using strong assertiveness techniques
  • Become a transformational change agent; plan and communicate change to get maximum buy-in
  • Use influencing and power techniques to get things done

Who should attend

  • Functional Specialists who wish to prepare themselves for general management roles
  • Existing Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Management Staff, wishing to transform their management practice

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