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About the course

Management Communication is an online program that offers a unique insight into newly emerging perspectives in communication and learning that serve the needs of the 21st-century professionals. We do this by equipping you with the skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing business environment through innovative methods and techniques.

Offered in an online format that allows for greater accessibility and flexibility, we present in each module of the program the ability to work on various levels. This includes video lectures, online coaching, and an active discussion forum. Carefully crafted, this program provides participants with the opportunity to learn and practice communication, learning strategies, and techniques for creating a flow of influential and inspirational communication.

We highlight topics such as influencing, sensitive topics consideration, how to communicate effectively through transformation communication and building up skills for designing speeches, delivering and story-telling.

In our ever-changing active world, managerial interaction is evident more than ever and in using various means we are able to connect our team with effective communication. These skills have become vital for professional and personal success, and it is this program that will aid in building the methods and confidence to aid in successful communication.

Benefits and Goals

The program is intended to help those in management think strategically about internal managerial communications.

  • Become a better communicator regarding how to approach negative topics and dealing with employees and customers during sensitive situations.
  • Acquire skills to inspire others, and skills of transformational speaking, positive persuasion, influencing positive outcomes, and transforming beliefs and attitudes.

Contents and Schedule

Week 1. Intro module: Essential theories for effective managerial communication: from Aristotle to the present day In this module, we will reflect on what constitutes an effective managerial communication from the theoretical point of view. More specifically, we will learn about the key communication theories that shape both effective managerial writing and speaking.

Week 2. Sensitive Communication: considerations, design, and delivery In this module, we will discuss the nature of sensitive messages in managerial communication. More specifically, we will explore how to compose and deliver emotionally sensitive messages.

Week 3. Sensitive Communication: assignment week (consultations, delivery, and feedback) This is an implementation week. It is dedicated to bridging theory from Modules 1, 2 and practice.

Week 4. Transformational Communication: designing speeches with the story-telling model, classical model, and persuasive models In this module, we will learn about models and tactics for effective transformational speaking. More precisely, we will discuss how to prepare and deliver an effective transformational speech.

Week 5. Transformational Communication: memorizing and mental techniques for delivering speeches without notes and fear In this module, we will address one of the biggest fears of humanity – the fear of public speaking. Furthermore, we will address the memory techniques that help deliver a speech without notes.

Week 6. Transformational Communication: assignment week (consultations, delivery, and feedback) This is an implementation week. It is dedicated to bridging theory from Modules 4, 5 and practice.

Week 7. Concluding module: wrapping up the learning process with self-reflection and dialogue In this module, we will reflect on everything we have learned so far and touch the framework that can enhance our understanding of highly effective leader-communicator in the 21st century.

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