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About the course

Take a structured approach to developing and exploiting a global manufacturing footprint strategy. This course will help delegates to reconfigure their company's international footprint of manufacturing activities to deliver real business impact.

This course covers a practical approach and toolset for:

  • developing make-or-buy strategy, balancing protection of critical production capabilities with effective use of supply partners
  • designing a long-term transformation plan for your global network of plants and supply partners (covering incremental, breakthrough, and clean sheet scenarios)
  • understanding the fundamental drivers of synergies across the global network (that promote growth, lower costs, better access to resources and resilience to risk)
  • understanding the right level of data analysis and how to engage stakeholders across complex organisations

What you will learn

  • Understand manufacturing core competencies and supply strategies by deploying structured “make-or-buy” tools
  • Design a global manufacturing and supply network, considering plant roles and network coordination principles, scenario development and evaluation
  • Develop network reconfiguration projects that deliver the strategic vision, involving manufacturing location decisions, insourcing and outsourcing, and transferring production
  • Explore the impact of market and technological drivers
  • Review the latest approaches to advanced analysis that help to guide high-level strategic principles and ongoing footprint development
  • Gain practical insights into how the tools have helped leading companies develop competitive advantage through footprint transformation

Who should attend

This course is suitable for global operations executives involved in guiding long-term manufacturing footprint strategy, including:

  • Senior operations executives looking to inspire thought leadership in manufacturing footprint development across complex organisations.
  • Mid-level operations managers and executives who lead strategic change programmes in global manufacturing.
  • Strategic analysts and internal consultants who support major strategic change programmes.
  • High-potential functional leaders and managers who are seeking to develop awareness of practical strategic approaches in topics such as make-or-buy and global network design

Trust the experts

Paul Christodoulou

Paul joined IfM ECS in 2002 where his role as a senior practitioner is 'putting the outputs of research into practice'. This involves working closely with partner companies and IfM's research centres to develop and deploy methodologies via collaborative projects. Paul has led major collaborations...


Don Fleet

Don joined the research team in the Centre for International Manufacturing in 2002, but his current role as an Industrial Associate is helping multi-national companies benefit from research outputs- particularly in the re-design of global manufacturing and supply footprint. Before returning to C...


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