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Develop a data-driven mindset

How can I understand data? Where do I find the data that I need? How can I make sense of analytics to run my business better?

The Creative Data Lab will help you understand how to make data work better for your business. You will be exposed to data analytics tools and gain a better understanding of business intelligence.

Make data work for your business. This Lab helps you understand data – where to find it, visualize it and how to tell more compelling stories.

What you'll learn

This course is designed specially for individuals who are keen to understand how to better apply data to their work. You could be an analyst who is currently involved with data on a day-to-day basis or a creative who wants to develop ideas with a data-driven mindset. You will learn tools for scraping data, turning datasets into visualizations and understand how to align data with your business goals.

The Hyper Island way

Hyper Island methodology is based on a learner-centered, experience-based approach. We facilitate learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which participants learn useful skills and knowledge they can apply right away.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description

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McGill Executive institute

Strategies for Digital Transformation

Next dates

Mar 19—20, 2020
2 days
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1511
CAD 997 per day


Private and public organizations in all industries must evolve to stay ahead as new technology, digital communication, automated processes, and availability of data generate a need for important changes to their business model. This newly created learning lab offers insights to help participants understand and leverage the new products, services and business models that come along with major shifts in technology. Discover how a wide range of organizations have successfully adapted their sales, marketing and communication strategies, processes, systems, and capabilities to deal with changing consumer behaviour. In this hands-on lab, you will work through innovations and explore the possible business implications and risks, leaving you with the tools you need to be confident in building your digital strategy.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Understand options to better harness digital technology in the way you do business
  • Create more value and improve the experience of those who use your products or services
  • Examine your organization’s strategic intent, priorities and risk tolerance for digital change
  • Explore whether digital initiatives should be handled in-house or through external partnerships
  • Overcome roadblocks to digital readiness
  • Build a personal action plan to define and prioritize your digital transformation journey

Topics covered during the program

Day One

Understanding Digital Transformation

  • How every business is on the road to becoming a digital business
  • Success stories of embracing disruptive technology
  • Understanding hyper personalization and hyper cloud

Benchmarks of Value Creation

  • Where organizations are driving value to avoid becoming commoditized
  • What consumers of your products or services expect

Technology Drivers and Constraints

  • What tools, approaches and platforms exist today and are in development?
  • Scalability, automation, digital marketing, robo-advisors, data analytics, and more
  • How might value drivers shift in the future?

The Digitalization of Customer Behavior

  • Personalizing the customer experience
  • Amazonization – technology for the service they want, when they want it and how
  • Trends for the future

Day Two

Defining Your Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Identifying key issues and strategic intent
  • What are the possibilities for digital transformation and how do they come together?
  • Investing in the right areas

Developing Your Plan

  • Organizational structure, culture and capabilities
  • Examining risk tolerance for the organization
  • Aligning stakeholder interests and helping traditional customers transform

Executing with Agility

  • How do you embed agility in a digital transformation?
  • When should a company build versus buy?
  • People readiness – helping others embrace new digital practices

Creating a Personal Action Plan for Digital Transformation

  • How do you build momentum and demonstrate results?
  • What should be your next steps?
  • Which success factors should you be mindful of?

Who should attend

This program designed is for leaders, managers and area specialists across all divisions grappling with new ways to do business in today’s digital revolution. It is pertinent for executives involved in forming corporate strategy and leading strategy implementation. The experience is also useful for mid-level managers in sales, marketing, IT, logistics, legal, supply chain, finance and project management looking to position their organization ahead of trends in technology and data. It is also valuable for HR personnel exploring the competencies and culture needed for digital transformation readiness.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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