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  • 5 days
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Euromoney Learning Solutions


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About the course

In todays increasingly competitive world for retail banks keeping up to speed with key trends and desired changes is challenging. The drive to digital, pressures on profitability, increased regulation, increased competition, the increasing power and demands of customers make differentiation ever more important. This programme allows attendees to share learning from around the globe with one of the industry’s leading thought leaders and trainers. The programme will enable attendees to share ideas and innovations when returning to their bank

Over 5 days this course will give attendees a unique opportunity to:

  • Enhance your bank's growth and revenue opportunities, product development ideas, and approach to marketing to enable you to deliver against future customer requirements
  • Experience first-hand retail banking front line operations and benchmark that experience with leading retailers in CentraI London Understand how your retail bank compares with world leading retailers that deliver outstanding customer experiences. Take away practical solutions that create exceptional customer experiences that deliver significantly higher performance to implement in your bank through this unique “customer experience store tour”
  • Develop, design and understand marketing and distribution strategies used by leading retail banks to meet the changing needs of your customers – technology is changing customer behaviour – learn how to cost effectively deliver results whilst adapting to these major changes
  • Understand the future role of the branch in a digital world – see how you can effectively drive local branch profitability in an increasingly digital world
  • Acquire new techniques to maximise your sales and improve performance across all distribution channels – appreciate the requirements to operate cost effectively in an omni-channel world
  • Enhance cost efficiency and productivity by creating an environment where your customers want to “buy” more of your products and services as opposed to them always having to be “sold” products and services
  • Understand how to grow “share of wallet” from key customer groups
  • Learn how marketing needs to change to deliver measurable ROI
  • Understand the challenges across all distribution channels and learn how to reduce branch costs at the same time as driving higher performance
  • Understand the “drive to digital” and its positive impact on both customers and bank - learn how to maximise performance in a fast changing environment
  • Understand how to benefit from the changes that the new channels such as the social media, mobile and internet offer
  • Appreciate how the new world facing retail banks can be used and developed to gain competitive advantage in your marketplace
  • Understand what the market leaders are doing in recruitment, training and reward structures – appreciate how the incentive world is changing alongside the technology advancements and changing customer demands
  • Appreciate the role of leadership and motivation alongside clear strategic direction for outstanding performance

## Agenda

Day 1

Programme introduction

  • Review of course content and outline what is to be addressed during the programme and how attendees can gain maximum learning experience
  • Discussion/ review of current retail banking trends and priorities from leading international markets
  • Focus on your own market scenario and take a look at what leading banks are focusing on to deliver success in the future
  • Latest retail banking trends in areas such as customer experience delivery and measurement,, distribution (branch and branchless), marketing and product innovations and impact of fast moving technology changes
  • What do the changes mean for customers, profits, revenues, employees and shareholders in both the short and long term- where should the focus be for future success?
  • An opportunity for all participants to share their current challenges in their roles and their bank to enable the course to reflect the best balance in helping to address their current major issues
  • Guidance on how attendees can gain maximum benefit by seeing the world through the eyes of their customers

Retail Banking – what does the future hold?

  • What are the current major trends shaping the future for retail banks Are the changes the same across all markets?
  • What changes are the market leaders making to deliver above average results; what can be learnt from them
  • Importance of how to adapt in an environment where technology is impacting customers across so many of their daily activities; getting the right balance for sales v. advice; understanding customer buying behaviours; insight and data usage to drive product innovations and differentiation
  • Gaining the right balance in delivering change for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Learn what the future key drivers of success will be- how well placed are you to deliver change
  • Distribution- the challenges of existing channels and new non-branch innovations/ ideas. Balance between the branch and branchless channels. Role of social media and mobile technology
  • Matching customers to channels in the growing multi-channel world. How to manage for success in this market
  • Where to focus spending for the future. Cost cutting versus investment. Where are the returns likely to be best?

Revenue Growth Challenge

  • Understanding the "revenue wall"- the areas where you can focus to deliver above average results
  • What are the leading players doing to address the ''revenue wall'' challenge
  • Margin Management -how to cope in a low interest environment
  • Where to focus for maximum benefit – where are the short term gains and where will returns be delivered fastest
  • Role of behaviour (staff and customer) in delivering change
  • How to gain competitive advantage through powerful customer experience delivery
  • Learning from non-banking sectors – can they offer ideas that can add value
  • Managing the process of change and innovation

### Day 2

Marketing and communication

  • Customer insights- how to be one step ahead of the competition through understanding the power of data/ its use and impact alongside customer behaviour analytics
  • Appreciate the power of “big data” – but how do you use all the data available for improved advocacy and results cost effectively
  • Understanding and overcoming “barriers to purchase” – how to sell more
  • Role of marketing -balance between products, research, advertising and merchandising – the need to deliver measureable ROI
  • Managing the brand for a differentiated experience
  • Segmentation – the importance and the benefits - who does what
  • Communications – internal and external - alternatives for best practice – innovation – how to manage those challenging the status
  • Importance of the internet- how to make it more effective in delivering sales
  • How to manage product sales through an omni channel environment
  • Branchless banking - – future innovations in non branch banking and how it operates alongside the changing role of face to face from a marketing perspective
  • Segmentation and the use of customer relationship management – do you need to spend big to deliver results -
  • Understanding the customer journey across all channels. Can you influence it? Howcan you outperform the competition?

Guest speaker 2: Bob will bring extensive knowledge of financial services marketing and branding to the programme. His experience with major brands that see the world through the eyes of customers will be of real added value. In addition he will be able to share his experiences from working in the banking sector

Distribution – the future alternatives

  • Channel choices -what are the current and developing trends. What do customers really want? How to approach/ deliver cost effectively
  • How to maximize performance/ profitability in the branch channel
  • Which channel produces the best value? Where should you focus activity/ spend for maximum benefit
  • The future role of branches in an environment where new electronic channels and the growth of social networks sites are influencing behaviours
  • How to improve the contribution from branches to the bottom line
  • The branch in the community
  • The importance of branch design – can it make a difference to performance
  • Managing in a multi-channel world (or is it omni channel?!)-what are the options for success to ensure reduced inter channel competition
  • Non branch channels - what does the future hold? What are the innovations developing globally?
  • Trends in mobile and remote banking. How to sell through each channel for maximum impact
  • Mobile banking – customers appetite for innovation/ key issues to address to create a profitable offering


Customer Experience

  • Customers tend to see banks as being broadly similar – whether it is products/ pricing/ branch design/ processes/ opening hours – it is therefore essential to differentiate from the competition
  • Banks offer commodity products – differentiation can be achieved through delivery experience
  • This subject is at the heart of what most banks talk about but many fail to deliver – why. How should it be done?
  • Who are the leaders in developing the appropriate customer experience?
  • What examples and ideas can banks learn from the leading retailers and non-banks around the world where differentiation has enabled success in crowded markets
  • What are the constituent elements of “ experience” required for success
  • How do you measure ‘experience’ – how can you differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Should you invest in creating an ‘experience’ for customers – if so why? What are the financial benefits – how are they measured

Customer Service

  • Services versus sales – getting the balance right
  • Measurement criteria
  • Link between rewards and results
  • Developing a quality circle
  • Power of developing a “service theme”
  • Power of advocacy- how the world’s best deliver what customers want – how can banks adapt and learn and implement these ideas from the best?
  • Just “how” do you make the required changes – what is needed?


  • People are the face of the bank in the eyes of customers – getting the right people is therefore essential
  • The importance of the front line- how do you develop the required “culture “ that will differentiate your bank from the competition?
  • Key learnings from the best companies on recruitment, training and development
  • The role of leaders in delivering results – what are the key characteristics that make the best leaders?
  • How important are structures? From experience what structures work best
  • Reward and recognition system alternatives for improved performance
  • Alternative empowered business models that work in retail banking and deliver above average performance
  • Tackling the issues of regulation and compliance in an empowered world


Guest Speaker 1: This interactive session will be presented by a Performance Psychologist who will share thoughts and ideas on how to maximise commitment and performance results

The expectations of customers and regulators has changed towards incentives in many markets – technology advancements are creating change as well – what should your schemes look like in the future? Drivers of change – what to measure and what to incentivise (financial/ non-financial) Motivation Why are some people so driven? Why do some people not take the initiative? What can be learned from elite performers? Which measurements, targets and incentives will lead to the desired outcomes? Learning goals – what is the best way to increase ability?


Walking workshop

Creating an empowered environment for higher sales results is the goal of many businesses. This unique customer experience store tour provides attendees with an opportunity to visit both retail and financial services organisations in Central London.(The tour has been operated by John Berry in locations as diverse as Paris, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur and specific learning from all these tours will be shared with the group) The tour will bench mark financial services against the very best of high street retailing. It is anticipated that locations to be visited will drawn from:

  • Apple
  • BMW/Mini
  • Foxtons
  • Lush
  • Pret a Manger
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Barclays
  • Citi
  • Santander
  • Body Shop

The store tour is primarily a walking event – programme attendees visit the various locations as customers (therefore unannounced) accompanied throughout by John Berry. The tour is a very practical learning experience enabling comparisons to be made between locations in terms of received experience

An initial detail briefing is undertaken prior to the tour outlining the opportunities for real added value from the day

The key driver is the desire to understand how successful organisations encourage/ make it easy for customers to buy their products and services and then take this learning into to the world of retail banking for improved front line performance

Store Tour review

  • After the tour individual learning will be shared
  • Summary of planned actions for implementation inside attendees own banks

Day 5


  • Why innovation is important
  • Who are the successful innovators in retail banking as well as other sectors – what benefits has it brought them?
  • What characteristics are required for successful innovation
  • What does best practice look like
  • Creating an innovative culture- where do people fail
  • How to manage innovation – alternative approaches
  • Measuring innovation/ control costs and how to decide on future actions as a result of the outputs

Sales Performance and Productivity

  • Improving sales/ profitability is essential for future banking success – how can it be achieved when costs are under pressure/ margins are reducing and customers are faced with so many competitive choices?
  • Being more efficient is always important but cutting cost can only be done once. Key is to drive productivity in the culture of the business.
  • How is performance measured? Does it work? Is change needed?
  • Which customers do you focus on? How do you segment for profitable growth?
  • “Wallet share” – more important than market share?
  • How do you achieve a higher share of wallet?
  • How do you measure share of wallet achieved?
  • Sales techniques – creating a “buying culture” rather than relying on a “sales culture” for improved performance
  • The role of technology in delivering increased sales and productivity
  • How to achieve operational excellence through people and processes changes
  • Developing strategies for success in delivering profit performance
  • How leaders gain results that are 20% better than the competition through their methodologies
  • Sales productivity- how can you make it deliver to the bottom line
  • Characteristics of the leading successful retail banks

Profit/ acquisition/ retention (PAR) - getting the transformation balance right

  • How can you drive a retail business to ensure maximum team effectiveness
  • Transformation- what does it mean- how to achieve success
  • The role of technology in delivering change

Summary and future actions

  • Future business focus
  • Creating a framework for change
  • What major elements need to make up the framework
  • Inter relationship between sales, operations and marketing
  • Creating the focus for profit, acquisition and retention
  • Impact on business objectives and structures

Course summary and close


John Berry

A renowned International Retail Banking expert in the delivery of transformational customer centric change, focused on delivering significant performance uplift through forensic focus on People; Products; Processes and particularly Distribution. Experience drawn from past management of a major ...

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