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Lean for Manufacturing: Adapting Lean for High Mix, low Volume

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About the course

Learn the Lean processes for High-Mix, Low-Volume Manufacturing procedures to know what orders to process on an hour-by-hour basis during any shift on any given day of the week.

This two-day course will teach a modified approach – JobshopLean – to implement the Principles of Lean in any make-to-order high-mix low-volume manufacturing facility.

This modified approach is a proven combination of Industrial Engineering practices and methods inspired by the simple, intuitive and proven methods of "Toyota IE". The course is a computer-aided alternative to implement Lean in the very different and challenging sector of high-mix low-volume manufacturing, especially small and mid-size manufacturers whose products cannot be produced like Toyota does automobiles.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn that there are two professions – Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
  • Develop a better position to implement Lean/TPS
  • Learn how to maintain the benefits of Lean for Manufacturing as a better way of business life

Benefits to you:

  • Walk away with a clear vision that JobshopLean blends the best operational practices
  • Learn how to use Production Flow Analysis for implementing Lean in any high-mix low-volume manufacturing facility
  • Refresh your skills at identifying waste on the shop floor using a Spaghetti Diagram, Value Stream Map and Process Analysis
  • Study the inner workings of an actual manufacturing cell that uses Lean practices
  • Participate in an interactive simulation that teaches operations scheduling for a manufacturing cell
  • Learn to collaborate extensively with one or more top-ranked Engineering programs


  • An attendee should:
  • Be working for a high-mix low-volume manufacturer
  • Be reasonably conversant with Lean
  • (Optional) Have a degree in Industrial Engineering, Operations Management or other related engineering/management discipline(s)

Who should attend

  • This training is designed for manufacturers who have the following SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes 20xx, 23xx, 24xx, 25xx, 31xx, 34xx, 35xx, 36xx, 37xx, 38xx and 39xx
  • This training is geared towards the business owner/President, COO, VP-Operations, Director-Operation, Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Consultant, Facility Planner, Manufacturing Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Production Supervisor, Lean Six Sigma Practitioner, Lean Champion

Trust the experts

Shahrukh Irani

Dr. Shahrukh A. Irani is the President of Lean and Flexible, LLC, a consulting company that delivers advisory, training and implementation services focused on Lean for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing (aka JobshopLean). Currently, he is the President of the Houston Senior Chapter of the Institu...


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