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About the course

Transform the Way You Think About Change

Creating sustainable organizational change demands more than project implementation or finite strategic initiatives. It requires fundamentally shifting the way people think about change.

By introducing a structured change management model designed to engage stakeholders across your organization, this two-day program will arm you with the tools and methods needed to transform your culture into one that embraces lean thinking.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to manage change in a structured way
  • Establish methods to tie your lean efforts to your organization's strategic objectives
  • Create a vision and strategy for implementing change
  • Foster ways to encourage a sense of urgency within the organization
  • Develop a communications strategy for change
  • Learn how to use lean tools at the right time in order to most effectively foster change

Course Schedule


Participants are asked to bring one of their lean initiatives to class and be prepared to discuss the following in groups:

  1. How the initiative is aligned with firm strategy
  2. Key performance metrics that will be affected by the initiative
  3. Future State Vision after change is implemented
  4. A plan for who will be enlisted for the change initiative

Day One Morning

  • Introduction to Lean Change Management
  • Linking Lean Change Initiatives to Strategy and Key Performance Initiatives
  • Strategy and Lean Exercise
  • Lean Change Management Model — Understand, Enlist, Envisage, Motivate, Communicate, Act, Consolidate
  • Lean Change Understanding and Vision Exercise


  • Lean Change Enlist Exercise
  • Introduction to Lean Change Simulation (Lakeview Hospital)
  • Understand Exercise: Participants interview key stakeholders in operations they will change in Lean Simulation

Day Two


  • Planning the Change
  • Lean Experiments Discussion
  • Lean Change Simulation — Change Implementation
  • Review and Recap Simulation — Discussion of key takeaways


  • Lean Change Canvas — Participants develop ‘Lean Change Canvas’ for lean change they will implement when they return to their organizations
  • Help/Discussion
  • Review and Recap, Key Takeaways

Who should attend

This program will benefit a wide array of professionals responsible for implementing and leading change within their organizations, including:

Executive leadership

Continuous improvement leaders

Business analysts

Project coordinators

Trust the experts

Izak Duenyas

Izak Duenyas is interested in supply chain management and coordination, revenue management in a variety of industries, evaluation of investment decisions in capacity, and in modeling and control of production systems. Duenyas has served as area editor in Manufacturing, Service and Supply Chain Op...


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