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Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Leading With Impact: Leveraging Your Leadership

Dec 9—10, 2019
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 2650 ≈USD 2030
CAD 1325 per day
Jun 22—23, 2020
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 2650 ≈USD 2030
CAD 1325 per day

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Surveys of top executives have confirmed that leadership skills are considered the most important factor in a manager’s career progress – rated above intelligence, knowledge or job skills.

Leveraging Your Leadership is a top-rated program for professional executives who are serious about achieving peak performance in their role as leader, communicator and change agent.

What You Will Learn

  • Enhance your knowledge of major personal and professional leadership strategies
  • Design your own personalized leadership model
  • Explore 10 major leverage points in leadership
  • Learn what has changed in leadership and how strong leaders adapt
  • Arm yourself with new ways to think on your feet and prepare for crucial meetings, whether it’s with three people or three hundred
  • Understand the conditions under which all your team can perform independently and effectively toward a common objective
  • Use new tools to speed up decision making and problem solving
  • Identify your leadership strengths and development opportunities
  • Become aware of the interplay between organization culture and your leadership styles
  • Learn how to become a change agent who encourages innovation
  • ### Pre-Work Leadership Package

Your learning begins as soon as you register:

  • Receive a leader impact 360º assessment tool
  • Complete four leadership strategy exercises
  • Plus our Leveraging Your Leadership take-home resource binder

Course content details

1. Introduction and Overview of Leadership

  • Increasing your understanding of leadership
  • What organizations require of leaders in the 21st century
  • Things you want to do to ensure long-term success

2. Characteristics of Effective Leadership

  • Why Leadership Is Not Management
  • Evolution of leadership theory
  • Key leadership competencies
  • 6 leadership styles and when to use them
  • Tips on building interpersonal relationships
  • Ideas on effective team leadership
  • Developing your leadership philosophy

3. Critical Thinking and Reflection

  • Cognitive psychology vs. personality theory
  • Critical thinking styles of the effective leader

4. Effective Leadership Communication

  • Understanding the shift from corporate communication to organizational conversation
  • Learn how successful leaders relate to employees
  • Learn how to be intentional and how to convey strategy

5. Your Leadership Impact Assessment

  • Become aware of your own leadership strategies and how this affects the performance of others
  • Effectiveness – personal and organizational
  • Impact on others – ideal vs. actual
  • Prescriptive vs. restrictive strategies
  • Your comprehensive 360º report; feedback on effective use of strategies

6. Personal Action Planning

  • Building a professional development plan for improved leadership

7. Making Improvements in Your Leadership; 10 Leveraging Strategies and Their Dual Concepts:

  • Envisioning (defining vs. delimiting)
  • Role modelling (exemplifying vs. circumscribing)
  • Mentoring (active vs. passive)
  • Stimulating thinking (lateral vs. vertical)
  • Referring (positive vs. negative)
  • Monitoring (by excellence vs. by exception)
  • Providing feedback (positive vs. negative)
  • Reinforcing (rewarding vs. punishing)
  • Influencing (reciprocal vs. unilateral)
  • Creating a setting (facilitating vs. constraining)
  • Team presentations
  • Applying the strategies when back on the job

8. How to Think on Your Feet

  • Improving everyday leadership and communication practices
  • Linking actions to the “big picture”
  • Gaining others trust and confidence

9. Creating a Culture of Achievement

  • Developing and enhancing leadership capacity organizationally
  • Creating compelling value for clients, employees and stakeholders
  • Linking leader styles and culture
  • Understanding the differences between employee satisfaction, engagement and culture
  • Leading change effectively

Who should attend

This is an outstanding program for any business director, senior manager, or those about to take on a more senior role in their organization and want to get greater workplace performance and grow their people. In particular the program will benefit:

  • Directors and vice-presidents who want to lead by example
  • Experienced managers who are preparing for senior management positions
  • Project team leaders who strive to maximize group unity and performance levels
  • General managers who are in charge of a growing business unit
  • Human resources and training managers who need to instill stronger leadership principles
  • Business unit managers who require a formal understanding of leadership dynamics


Biography Michelle brings more than 25 years of proven and successful leadership, coaching, training and consulting experience, including work with three of Canada’s Top-50 employers, a Financial Post Top-100 organization and a Greater Toronto 2011 and 2013 Top-50 Employer. Michelle is an organi...


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Detailed Description

Next dates

Dec 9—10, 2019
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 2650 ≈USD 2030
CAD 1325 per day
Jun 22—23, 2020
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 2650 ≈USD 2030
CAD 1325 per day

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