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About the course

Successful leaders foster a culture of trust and confidence. To accomplish this they must be able to influence and inspire people at every level, in situations that range from routine to highly stressful. This innovative program will help you improve your understanding of and ability to:

  • Handle high impact situations that test your power and influence.
  • Gain support for your ideas from anywhere in the organization, and influence others to achieve joint goals.
  • Exercise your personal leadership style for maximum positive influence.
  • Utilize various sources of power more effectively.


Practice state-of-the-art experiential simulation with physiological and behavioral measures, self-assessment, executive coaching and peer discussions, and discover how best to motivate, influence and manage relationships across your organization.

  • Explore workplace courage and behaviors that are difficult to adopt, but crucial to organizational success.
  • Adapt and grow as a leader through an experiential leadership lab approach that delivers a highly individualized, personalized self-discovery journey.
  • Work on your own challenging influence situations at work, and get input from others about best practices and next steps.
  • Build skills around issue framing, emotion management, storytelling, and other critical aspects of successful persuasion.


  • Set goals and identify specific courageous behaviors needed to improve your workplace environment.
  • Learn to influence, and achieve positive outcomes in difficult and defining moments.
  • Improve your confidence in your ability to persuade key stakeholders, and expand your influence.


Leading With Courage counts as one credit toward a Certificate in Leadership. Complete this program and earn three additional credits in a four-year period to earn your certificate.

Who should attend

  • Experienced professionals interested in improving their leadership and influence skills
  • Leaders interested in honing their behavioral response in high-stress, high-impact situations
  • Leaders who need to gain organizational support to develop innovative ideas or solve complex problems
  • High potential leaders with increasing responsibility

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James Detert

James R. Detert is a professor of management at Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.


Bidhan Parmar

Education: B.A., University of Virginia; MBA, Ph.D., University of Virginia Assistant Professor Bidhan ("Bobby") Parmar teaches First Year Ethics and a Second Year elective on collaboration at the Darden School of Business. He was recently named one of the top 40 Business School professors under...


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