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Leading Through Influence & Inspiration

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About the course

Effective leadership today relies more than ever on influencing others — it may take the form of gaining support, inspiring others, persuading others to become your champion, engaging someone’s imagination, creating relationships as well as impacting opinions and actions. While influence has always been a valuable managerial skill, today’s highly collaborative organizations make it essential. The ability to effectively influence is a must have skill set for today’s effective leader.

Why This Program?

Have you ever thought about how you influence others? The approaches you use? How others hear and respond to your message? Gaining awareness about our own influencing style and those of others is especially critical in light of today’s fast-paced and stressful work environments.

There is no one best way to influence everyone; the specific approach should reflect the people involved. This session will introduce you to frameworks based on decades of psychological study and management research. The frameworks will support the development of effective influence strategies and will help you to engage the power of influence to create better outcomes and stronger relationships. Through exercises and interactive group work you will have the opportunity to develop your own personal influencing skills – ones that you can take back to the workplace and apply immediately.

Successful leaders know how to motivate and inspire others to action. Consider how often you have to influence people who don’t even report to you in order to accomplish your objectives. Success depends on your ability to effectively influence both your direct reports and the people over whom you have no direct authority including; peers, associates, business affiliates. Not to mention the all-important skill of influencing up within your own organization! Upon completion of this program you will understand:

  • The importance of influence in all aspects of life – both work and personal
  • The psychological factors shaping opinions
  • How to recognize and describe the outcomes of influence
  • How to use your sources of personal power to develop principle-based strategies
  • How to use the power of inspiration to be a more dynamic leader

Who should attend

This program is ideal for mid-senior level leaders who desire to master powerful influencing and persuasion skills which guarantee new levels of leadership, presence and high-impact communication.

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Arran Caza

Arran Caza is an Associate Professor in the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. His research examines leaders and leadership development, with a focus on age and culture-related aspects of leadership. He earned his PhD in management and psychology from the University of Michig...


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Executive Education - Leading through Influence