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Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Leading Through Change

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Jul 3—4
2 days
North Ryde, Australia
AUD 3600 ≈USD 2581
AUD 1800 per day


Leading during times of change can feel chaotic. When organisations change, the rules are different and leaders need a new way of working to remain effective and deliver the results the organisation needs. Often, frustration can occur as many of the strategies you have developed in your management career don’t seem to work.

This practical course focuses on all levels of change impact. It builds confidence in managing change for you as an individual manager, through to your direct reports and the organisation as a whole.

The ability to effectively lead organisational change is a competitive differentiator. Those that implement change better, faster and smarter will ensure better outcomes.

Benefits and Outcomes

Participants will benefit by developing:

  • Useful ways to think about change
  • Practical tools and techniques to manage your own reaction to change
  • A model and practical skills to enable you to manage your team during change
  • What it takes to launch a change successfully

Who should attend

  • Mid-senior level managers in all industry sectors
  • High-potential managers or those wishing to extend their career by learning these valuable skills
  • Managers, leaders and sponsors who are involved in leading change at the team or organisational level


Detailed Description
Detailed Description