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Leading Professional Service Firms

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About the course

Enhance your ability to navigate the evolving challenges and opportunities facing professional service firms.

Focusing on those with leadership positions in professional service firms across Australia and the broader region, this program has been created in recognition of the growing importance of professional services in the regional economy and the particular skills and capabilities that leaders in this sector rely on. Melbourne Business School is uniquely positioned to deliver such a program by drawing on its globally recognised senior faculty and its ability to bring together a cohort of talented and experienced participants.

It will equip you with insights and skills to position your organisation for long-term success.

Key benefits

By the end of this program journey, you will have enhanced your ability to:

  • Attract, develop and retain talented professionals who will ensure firm growth
  • Build a firm culture that is inclusive, supportive and collegial, while fostering both organisational and individual achievement
  • Implement governance, decision-making, and performance metrics to suit your firm's unique attributes
  • Deliver maximum value to your clients and the enterprise
  • Help professionals endure and remain productive throughout their careers
  • Define and execute a long-term business plan to drive future performance
  • Maintain organisational alignment through business ebbs and flows


This program explores the following key themes:


  • What's changing in tomorrow's world and how do you navigate that uncertainty?
  • Where are you going, and what's your strategy for moving foward?
  • What, then, does your firm need to look like to navigate that uncertain future?

Client Engagement

  • Where will demand side growth come from?
  • Why do we focus on and prioritise opportunities in the way that we do?
  • What activities should you deploy to engage with your clients?
  • How can you elevate the effectiveness of your client engagement initiatives?

Managing teams

  • How do you get folks who are individual contributors to work effectively in teams?
  • How do you leverage your time and energy more effectively when managing others?
  • How can you be more effective in teams and also have a life outisde of work?

Who should attend

Leaders of organisations that provide services in areas such as legal, accounting, architecture and engineering, consulting, venture capital, investment banking, technology services, health, and research.

Trust the experts

Ian Williamson

Professor Ian O. Williamson is Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce at Victoria Business School (Faculty of Commerce), Victoria University of Wellington. Prior to joining Victoria University in 2017, he served on the faculties of the Melbourne Business School (Australia), Rutgers Business Sch...


Don O'Sullivan

Don O’Sullivan joined Melbourne Business School in 2008 as an Associate Professor of Marketing. After completing his PhD at University College Cork, Don continued at Cork as a lecturer for eight years before travelling to Dublin to become the Director of Strategic Marketing at TecBrand. Don’s r...


Jill Klein

Jill Klein joined Melbourne Business School in 2009 as a Professor of Marketing and is also a Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Medical School. After completing her PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Michigan, Jill joined the faculty at Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Nort...


Vivek Chaudhri

Vivek first joined Melbourne Business School in 1996 and was a Senior Lecturer and then Associate Professor for eight years. In October 2016, he re-joined the School as Associate Professor of Strategy and Academic Director Executive MBA Programs. Following his PhD in Economics at Yale Universi...


Mark Grant

I am a senior leadership facilitator and executive coach having practiced in this field for sixteen years. Previously I worked in the Australian investment banking industry with six years at CEO level. Returning to university after almost twenty years of banking experience I studied the behaviour...


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Leading Professional Service Firms

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